Limitless Cinema in Broken English

January 30, 2008


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Among many short films I saw last December, one of my most favorites is THE SONG, which is a Thai animation directed by Suporn Decharin. It is a part of the Bioethics project. I like the story of THE SONG very much, though I think it is very cruel. It is about a boy and his clone. The boy is an evil child, while his clone, who is locked up in a room all through his life, is a very good child. The clone develops a lovely relationship with a worm, which later grows up to be a butterfly. One day the boy loses his arms, so the cloning organization cuts off the arms of the clone to give them to the boy, and the boy uses his new arms and hands to kill the butterfly.

I think the animator is successful in making the clone looks very lovely. This character looks so pure, so innocent. And the more innocent and lovely this character looks, the more the audience will feel bad in the end of the film. (Somehow this kind of thing reminds me of the Italian film TO BE TWENTY.)

At first I felt that the story of THE SONG is too pessimistic. I thought this kind of thing can’t happen in the future, because no governments would allow this kind of cruelty towards the clones. However, after I thought about the history of human beings, such as what happened in World War II, I changed my mind. I believe that human capability of being evil is beyond my imagination. THE SONG does not look too pessimistic to me anymore.

The story about an evil boy in THE SONG also reminds me of my childhood. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to my childhood to correct some evil things that I did. I used to kill some little animals like the evil boy in THE SONG, and though I’m not a real Buddhist, somehow I think my fragile health is the karmic result of these bad things that I did. A doctor just told me that I may have a tendency to have glaucoma, and I can’t help thinking I deserve this kind of eye suffering because I once hurt an eye of a little cat when I was a little child. Maybe it’s time for me to pay the price for my bad deeds.

Seeing THE SONG also makes me want to make a list of cruel animations. So here it is:

(in alphabetical order)

1.ACHILLES (1996, Barry Purves, UK)

2.ALICE (1988, Jan Svankmajer, Czechoslovakia)

3.A CHILD IN THE CUPBOARD (1998, Chanatip Kunasayeamporn, Thailand)

4.HOW WANG-FO WAS SAVED (1987, Rene Laloux, France)

5.THE KILLER MAN (Dissapong Wong-aram, Thailand)

6.PANDA (2006, Nathan Homsup, Thailand)

7.PERFECT BLUE (1998, Satoshi Kon, Japan)

8.RABBIT (2005, Run Wrake)

9.THE SONG (2007, Suporn Decharin, Thailand)

10.THE THREE INVENTORS (1980, Michel Ocelot, France)


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