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March 6, 2008

THE CHEST TO BEQUEATH (2007, Ly Hoang Ly, A+++++)

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This is my comment in Merveillesxx’ blog:

I’m glad you like THE CHEST TO BEQUEATH (2007, Ly Hoang Ly, Vietnam, A+++++). I like it very much. I think this video lasts about 40 minutes. I think the first half of it is interesting. It allows us to watch the process of making this artwork. But the second half of it has nothing special. However, since this is a video installation in a gallery, I can accept the fact that the video can have some boring parts, because I can walk away from the video to see other artworks in the gallery. If I have to watch this video in its entirety in a theater, I wouldn’t give it “A+++++” like this.

As for FORGET (2007, Suchada Sirithanawuddhi, video installation, A+/A), it accidentally reminds me of WHEN THE MOVIE LISTENS (2007, Tulapop Saenjaroen, A+) and reminds me that I’m a sexist. I know that these two artworks are very different, but FORGET reminds me of WHEN THE MOVIE LISTENS because in one of the three screens showing this video, we saw a woman acting as if she is attentively listening to other people. That screen reminds me of WHEN THE MOVIE LISTENS. However, somehow I think FORGET doesn’t captivate my attention as strongly as WHEN THE MOVIE LISTENS, and I have to admit that an important reason for this is because I enjoy watching Tulapop’s face much more than the woman’s face in FORGET. Hahaha.


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