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March 16, 2008


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–I just found an article in New York Times website about my favorite queer film—I-BE AREA. I got to know about this article via Invisible Cinema’s blog:

–My favorite gay film lately is 2008, LET’S COME OUT (2008, Thanapol Chaowanich, Thailand, 3 min, A+/A). There’s nothing much in this film, but I like the editing in some scenes very much.


Natakorn Kongsib stars as the main villain in SIYAMA: VILLAGE OF WARRIORS (2008, Preecha Songsakul, A-/B+). I enjoy this film quite a lot, and it is a real guilty pleasure, because I think this film is too patriotic. Normally I hate patriotic films, and I don’t like the patriotic side of this film very much. But apart from the bad patriotic side, I think this film is quite funny. I love the way this film discards logic, such as the illogical hairstyles of one character.

I guess this film may comment on what happened in Thailand last year. I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure about the political standpoint of this film. Does this film support the military coup or not? Does this film want us to be a good follower of the military government and abandon our belief in the constitution (like the girl who abandons her medical vow) so that we can unite to fight some evil politicians? I don’t know. I think I may not agree with the political standpoint of this film.

I think there is an interesting scene which seems to effectively exploit the patriotic feelings. It’s the scene in which the characters from the past suddenly transform into old people. They seem to ask the people in the present to help protecting the country. Ethically, I don’t like the purpose of this scene. Emotionally, I think this scene is effective.

Judging from SIYAMA: VILLAGE OF WARRIORS, I guess Preecha Songsakul has a potential to make a great cult film or a great exploitation film. I like the magical fighting between the monk and the witch in this film. I don’t know much about this director. I hope he makes some cult films or exploitation films in the future, not patriotic films like this one.

You can read a review on SIYAMA by Wise Kwai in his blog:

Photos from SIYAMA:

Natakorn Kongsib in SIYAMA:

Natakorn Kongsib in Real Magazine:


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