Limitless Cinema in Broken English

April 6, 2008


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For your own safety, I think I should write about what we saw yesterday. Yesterday Noinong (from Screenout webboard), Ennisdelmar (from Bioscope webboard) and I went to a travelling funfair at 22.30 hrs. After 23.00 hrs we saw an accident. At that time we watched a couple playing in a machine which looks like a huge ball held by a giant swing. I don’t know what the machine is called, but you can see it from the images below which I took by my mobile phone. After the machine started throwing the huge ball in which the couple were sitting up and down in the air, the outer part of a rope which held the ball fell off. Fortunately, the funfair staff could control the ball after that. No one was hurt.

I don’t know if the funfair would open that machine again or not. But if you go to that funfair, please think twice before you step on that machine.

After we saw the accident, we still wanted to continue playing in the funfair. So we took the roller coaster. We also took a water ride, and we repeatedly screamed, “Celine and Julie Go Boating!”, when we were riding on that machine. Actually, the water ride didn’t look extremely exciting, but we decided to take the ride just because one of the staff at that machine is very handsome.

We went to the funfair late at night, hoping it would feel like CARNIVAL OF SOULS. But what we saw there reminded us of FINAL DESTINATION instead.

From the photos, you can see that there were two ropes holding the ball. The outer part of one of the ropes fell off.



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