Limitless Cinema in Broken English

May 21, 2008


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This is my comment in Bioscope webboard:


1.GRAVEYARDS – The North Sea

2.NEIGHBOURACHIE – The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black

I love the music video of NEIGHBOURACHIE.

The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black is currently participating in Whitney Biennial 2008.

3.REFLECT – Maor Levi





“It was the night flight from Houston. Almost perfect visibility. You could see the lights from all the little Texas towns far below. And I was sitting next to a fifty-year old woman who had never been on a plane before. And her son had sent her a ticket and said: — Mom, you’ve raised ten kids; it’s time you got on a plane.

And she was sitting in a window seat staring out and she kept talking about the Big Dipper and that Little Dipper and pointing; and suddenly I realized that she thought we were in outer space looking down at the stars. And I said:

— You know, I think those lights down there are the lights from little towns.”


There are many Thai films made during 1972-1976 that I would like to see very much. I don’t know the official English titles of most of these Thai films. So I try to translate them.


1.ช่องว่างระหว่างหัวใจ THE GAP BETWEEN HEARTS (1976, ฉลวย ศรีรัตนา Chaluay Srirattana)

This film is about a teenage boy who was raped by a male teacher.

2.ตลาดอารมณ์ MARKET OF EMOTIONS (1974, เนรมิต Neramit)

This film is about a stepmother who rapes her stepson.

3.วิวาห์เงินผ่อน WEDDING BY INSTALLMENTS (1975, พิศาล อัครเศรณี Pisal Akaraseranee)

This film has some male nude scenes.

4.หัวใจมีตีน (CALL BOY) (1972, ประกอบ แก้วประเสริฐ Prakob Kaewprasert)

This film is about a male prostitute.

5.ผู้ชายขายตัว MALE PROSTITUTE (1974)

6.ผัวเช่า HUSBAND FOR RENT (1974, ฉลวย ศรีรัตนา Chaluay Srirattana)

7.ตัณหา DESIRE (1975, ปัญญา สมสุวรรณ Panya Somsuwan)

8.นางสาวมะลิวัลย์ Miss Maliwal (1975, ปัญญา ลีละศร Panya Leelasorn)

This film stars Patravadi Sritrairat, the owner of Patravadi Theatre.

9.สตรีที่โลกลืม A WOMAN WHOM THE WORLD FORGETS (1975, ชุติมา สุวรรณรัต Chutima Suwanrat)

10.ถนนนี้ชั่ว THIS STREET IS EVIL (1975, ชุติมา สุวรรณรัต Chutima Suwanrat)

–Apart from their collaboration in THE DEVILS, I just knew about the collaboration between Derek Jarman and Ken Russell in a stage play called THE RAKE’S PROGRESS (1982)
This is a quote from the book DEREK JARMAN: A BIOGRAPHY, written by Tony Peake:

“Jarman borrowed from friends, did a fair amount of teaching, sold the occasional painting and undertook some design work, notably in a new collaboration with Ken Russell, who had been asked by the Florentine company Teatro Comunale to direct a production of Stravinsky’s THE RAKE’S PROGRESS as part of the city’s 1982 annual musical festival, the forty-fifth such Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The venue was the ravishingly pretty Teatro della Pergola; the conductor Riccardo Chailly. Jarman had not been Russell’s first choice as designer (that had been Mike Annals), but Russell was confident Jarman would give him what he wanted: an updating of the Auden-Kallman libretto from eighteenth-century London to the present day.

And indeed he did. Jarman’s visualization of Tom Rakewell’s journey from innocence to depravity and thence to Bedlam, in the couse of which he moves from the country to London and falls prey to the temptations of the plausible but sinister Nick Shadow, could hardly have been more up to the minute. For his arrival on to the London ‘scene’, Rakewell sported a gold suit, sailor cap and T-shirt ‘depicting Mrs Thatcher as a vampire holding a skull’. Shadow finally became ‘a drug dealer in a heavy black leather coat…with his heroin death-kit’. The brothel-keeper, Mother Goose, wore ‘Queen Mother drag’ – a white ballgown, blue satin sash and tiara –and was accompanied by a chorus in army camouflage gear suggestive of the Falklands War. Ann Truelove, Rakewell’s girlfriend, bore a distinct resemblance to Lady Di. The street outside Rakewell’s London home was peopled by punks and piled high with black plastic refuge bags from the Winter of Discontent.”

–The new issue of GM magazine in Thailand has an interview with Apichatpong Weerasethakul. He said that he just saw IMAGINING OCTOBER (1974, Derek Jarman) and likes it very much.



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