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June 2, 2008

PATHOLOGY (2008, Marc Schoelermann, A)

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This is my comment in Girish Shambu’s blog:

Though I’m a fan of horror, there are also some films which I dare not watch because of their reputations—MEN BEHIND THE SUN (1988, Tun Fei Mou), GUINEA PIG (1985, Satoru Ogura) and its sequels, FACES OF DEATH (1978, John Alan Schwartz) and its sequels, CANNIBAL FEROX (1981, Umberto Lenzi) or other films in the same genre, or those beheading clips. I don’t think these films will give me “pleasure”, and pleasure is the main reason why I choose to watch any films.

The film which disturbs me too much is VASE DE NOCES (1974, Thierry Zeno). It has a scene in which a mother pig found her little pigs killed. This scene makes me feel too sad.

The cat torturing scene is SATANTANGO is a bit too much for me. Fortunately, from what I heard, the torture is fake.

A film which has disturbed me lately is PATHOLOGY (2008, Marc Schoelermann). What disturbs me is not the scenes of the brutal killing, but the scene in which a character refuses to save the life of an unknown stranger. I think it disturbs me very much because deep down inside, I’m not sure if I am like that character or not. I’m not sure if I will rush to help a stranger or automatically walk away from a stranger. The brutal killing in PATHOLOGY may be too far from our everyday life, but indifference to strangers is not too far from me, and maybe that’s why it disturbs me.

Talking about this topic somehow reminds me of two paintings—JUDITH BEHEADING HOLOFERNES by Caravaggio and by Artemisia Gentileschi. I like these two paintings, though they disturb me.

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  1. This is my reply to Matthew Hunt in my bilingual blog:

    I have never heard of AFTERMATH and AUGUST UNDERGROUND’S MORDUM before. I think AFTERMATH is interesting, though I’m not sure I would dare to watch AUGUST UNDERGROUND’S MORDUM.

    I think I really empathize with the mother pig in VASE DE NOCES. That’s why I felt as if my own children were killed by an evil filmmaker. If I have to give a grade to VASE DE NOCES, I would give it “F” according to my own feelings. I don’t have a child in real life, but I think I understand how sorrowful a mother would feel to see her children getting killed.

    Comment by celinejulie — June 4, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

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