Limitless Cinema in Broken English

June 13, 2008


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My friend just wrote in his blog that the song STEPHENVILLE, TX by Jewel mentions Godard.


I just saw SHATTER ROOM NO. 0 (Teerawat Mulvilai + Jarunun Phantachat, A+), a stage play which is in both Thai and English. I like it a lot, though I don’t understand it. This is a production of B-Floor Theatre, which often makes totally fascinating stage performances which I don’t understand.

I also love the sound design in this play.

The details of the play can be found at:

I like what Teerawat Mulvilai wrote in the brochure of this play very much. Here is what he wrote:

“The country does not belong to us.
I like this sentence. It reflects the truth that as the citizen of this country we were attacked from every direction. Effect from politic, economic, it seems like our lives were swung in a room.
A room contains many people.
Every people are different but they have to be together. How do we live together is the question that we have to find out the answer.”

You can read the interview with four actress of this play in Thai at:



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