Limitless Cinema in Broken English

July 3, 2008


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Some films can heal my mind, at least temporarily, briefly. Is this can be called a film therapy?

There’s one scene in SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY in which a doctor tries to cure some illness by making the patient imagine beautiful scenery. This scene can be viewed here:

Though the cure in that scene is not successful, it reminds me of the unhappiness in my mind which sometimes seem to be lessened unexpectedly when I saw some films.

Sometimes I feel unhappy, unfulfilled, sad, sorrowful, depressed, worried, frustrated, painful, or hurt for some particular reasons, or sometimes without obvious reasons. However, some films seem to have the magical potential to purify my mind or my thought for a while. It seems like there are dark clouds in my head or in my heart, but these films can chase the clouds away temporarily.

The films which have that kind of effect on me include:

1.LIFE IS SHORT 2 (2006, Tossapol Boonsinsukh, Thailand)

2.PISCINE (2002, Jean-Baptiste Bruant + Maria Spangaro)

3.FACES IN THE FLOWERS (2008, Jennifer MacMillan)

You can see this film here:

I knew about this film from Jennifer’s blog:

The reason why I wrote this post is because I just saw FACES IN THE FLOWERS. I really love the innocence in the eyes of the children in the film, though I have to confess that it makes me feel great and sad at the same time. I feel great because the innocent eyes seem like something coming from heaven, or they make the earth seem like heaven, or they are connected to a pure mind, or a beautiful heart of a child. It makes me feel sad because it reminds me that my eyes can never be like these again. When we lose our innocence, we may lose it forever. Some of us may still possess a little bit of innocence inside, though.

I believe that my mind is irretrievably darkened, these films, though, feel like pure water cleansing my mind and make it look temporarily grayer.

Thanks to the filmmakers for making these mind-purifying films, though that may not be the filmmakers’ intention in the first place. 🙂


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