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July 28, 2008

HYMN OF RECKONING (2006, Kent Lambert, A+++++)

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1.HYMN OF RECKONING (2006, Kent Lambert, A+++++)

I knew about this video from Ed Halter’s article.

2.CORPORATE CANNIBAL (2008) – Grace Jones

I knew about this video from

I like the distorted images in CORPORATE CANNIBAL very much. This music video reminds me of the distorted images in

2.1 CHANGES – Planning to Rock
Thanks to PC from Bioscope Webboard who told us about this artist.

2.2 ZOOM +/- (2008, Theerawat Maysasitthivit, Thai video installation, A+++++)

2.3 BARNABY – My Toys Like Me

3.THE BOY FROM MARS (2005, Philippe Parreno, A+++++)
Thanks to Filmsick who told me about this.

I saw THE BOY FROM MARS in late December in 2005, so I put it in my list of most favorite short films of 2006.

Philippe Parreno’s website

I think THE BOY FROM MARS can be a part of an unintentional trilogy of films about light in the darkness. The two other films in this trilogy are

3.1 THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT (2000, Rob Kennedy, A+)

Description of this film from

“The two dimensional limits of the video screen are utilised to re-frame an un-extraordinary occurence. In the flatness of the video image light, colour and time abstract the landscape to create other orders”

3.2 PROSPERITY FOR 2008 (2008, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, A+)

4.THE MAN WHO STRAYED (2002, Jesper Just, Denmark)

5.NO MAN IS AN ISLAND II (2004, Jesper Just, Denmark)

6.ARTISTS LOOKING AT CAMERA (2006, Guthrie Lonergan)

The last artist is very cute. I knew about this video from Ed Halter’s article.

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