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July 28, 2008

STILL (2008, Wisarut Deelorm, A++++++++++)

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1.Still / 2551 / 52 นาที / วิศรุต ดีล้อม A++++++++++
STILL (2008, Wisarut Deelorm, A++++++++++)

I love the first part of this film very much. The slowness and nocturnal atmosphere in this part unintentionally reminds me of my life more than 10 years ago. At that time, I could still have time to enjoy watching the beautiful darkness in the middle of the night. At that time, I liked waking up during the night, lying on my bed, staring into the darkness for a long time, and felt very very happy. I don’t have time to do something like that any more. Big thanks to the filmmaker of this film who allow me to enjoy tremendously some kind of moments I have been missing for a long time.

2.are you rolling ? / 2551 / 15 นาที / ชาติชาย ไชยยนต์ A+
ARE YOU ROLLING? (2008, Chatchai Chaiyont, A+)

3.เคาะ / 2550 / 20 นาที / วรรณรัตน์ ชัยสงคราม A/A-
KNOCK (2007, Wannarat Chaisongkram, A/A-)

4.แตกหนุ่ม / 2551 / 7 นาที / ฐิตาภา จุลเสนีย์ A-/B+
TAEK NUM (2008, Thitapa Julasenee, A-/B+)

5.เก่ง / 2551 / 25 นาที / พีระพร กุลพฤทธานนท์ B+
KENG (2008, Peeraporn Kulpruetanont, B+)

6.ห้องชีวิต / 2551 / 13 นาที / ธนชิต มุงคุณคำชาว B
ROOMS OF LIFE (2008, Tanachit Mungkunkamchao, B)

7.ไอ้เปี๊ยกเล็กหลุดโลก / 2551 / 40 นาที / อมรพล เจียมวงศ์สิริกุล B
A BRAVE SMALL BOY (2008, Amornpol Jiamwongsirikul, B)

8.สาม-สูญ / 2551 / 11 นาที / ภาณุวัฒน์ ทับทิมดี B-
THREE-ZERO (2008, Panuwat Tubtimdee, B-)


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  1. This is my reply to Renegade Eye in my bilingual blog:

    Hahaha. Actually it is very easy to get an A+ from me. If I like just one thing very very much in a film, I would give it an A+. I like what Filmsick said very much. He said that some people’s reactions to a film is like giving a score for a gymnastics competition, while other people’s reaction is like giving a score for a soccer. My reaction is like giving a score for a soccer. No matter how bad a film is, if it has just one thing I love, I would feel as if the film (soccer player) has won a goal, and I would give it A+. I don’t go to see films to look for its defects, and keep lowering its points whenever I see a defect, like what the gymnastics referees do. I’m not a film critic, anyway.

    Comment by celinejulie — July 28, 2008 @ 3:36 pm

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