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August 21, 2008

WALL E (A+/A) VS. ON THE MOON (2007, Dhan Lhaow, A+)

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This is my comment in Dechito’s blog:

I think the ending of WALL E (2008, Andrew Stanton, A+/A) is very intriguing for me. Its ending credit makes me fear that the human civilization may destroy itself again, or maybe not. In the ending credit, we can see the ending story being told through many art styles. It starts with the ancient art, and the art styles keep moving forward chronologically, and seem to end with the style of the Impressionist and Vincent Van Gogh, or end with the style of art before the First World War. The story ends happily, but the art style used in the ending credit unintentionally makes me think that there may be a next World War waiting to happen, or the new civilization may run into the same horrifying troubles as in the twentieth century. The film doesn’t show us directly that the ruination of mankind may happen again, but seeing the art styles used in the ending credit makes me think about it.

Though I like WALL E very much, I give it only A+/A because the topic of the film doesn’t interest me that much. I think its ending is good, but somehow it is not extremely satisfying for me. Coincidentally, I just saw a Thai short animation called ON THE MOON (2007, Dhan Lhaow, A+), which I prefer to WALL E. In this animation, we see the heroine destroy the whole world with her powerful bomb, but I’m not sure why she does it. Then we see the sad hero begin to smile without reason. I don’t know what this film or its ending means actually, but its ending is weirdly satisfying for me, much more satisfying than the ending of WALL E.

If you are interested, you can watch ON THE MOON here:


It is said that the ending credit of WALL E imitates the art styles of Auguste Renoir, Georges Seurat, and Vincent Van Gogh.


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