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September 22, 2008


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My poll 32 ended with 7 votes. Thanks very much to everyone who participated in it. Here is the result:


1.THE MIST (2007, Frank Darabont)
It got 5 votes, or 71 %.

2.I’M FINE SABUYDEE KA (2008, Tanwarin Sukkhapisit)
+LETTER FROM THE SILENCE (2006, Prap Boonpan)

Each of them got 3 votes, or 42 %.

4.DIED ON 6 OCTOBER 1976 (2008, Manit Sriwanichpoom, Thai photos)
+FINAL SOLUTION (2003, Rakesh Sharma, India)+THE WAR (1994, Jon Avnet)

Each of them got 2 votes, or 28 %.

7.DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT (2006, Suchart Sawasdsri)
+HOTEL RWANDA (2004, Terry George)
+LABAN: THE MEANING OF THE EDSA REVOLUTION (2007, Sally Jo Bellosillo, Philippines)+LAND OF THE DEAD (2005, George A. Romero)
+REFERENDUM (2008, Chai Chaiyachit)
+RE-PRESENTATION (2007, Chai Chaiyachit, Chisanucha Kongwailap)
+17 MAY MY VALENTINE (2008, Sawanee Uthumma, Thai stage play)
+30:31:1-01 (2008, Piya Pornpattamapinyo)

Each of them got 1 vote, or 14 %

15.BALLOON (1997, Hamer Salwala)
+DEMOCKRAZY (2007, Duangporn Pakavirojkul)
+KHON-NAK-LOK (2008, Ponlapat Yannarat, Seri Lachonnabot)
+THE LOST CITY (2005, Andy Garcia)
+REPEATING DRAMATIC (2008, Arpapun Plungsirisoontorn)
+ROSEWOOD (1997, John Singleton)

Each of them got 0 vote.

–Filmsick just wrote about something political in Thai here:

–There will be a seminar in Thai about POLITICS IN CARTOON, FAIRY TALES, AND FILMS at Pridi Banomyong Institute, Sukhumvit 55, on Sep 27, 1400 hrs.

–Since I have no knowledge in politics and I am not really interested in politics (unless it threatens my life or lifestyle), when I accidentally hear some political news, it makes me feel as if I am listening to a dramatic fictional story. Sometimes I feel as if the political persons in the news are some interesting characters in a very dramatic film. (The word ‘political person’ here includes politicians, academicians, activists, political artists, or any people whose names are mentioned in political news.) I think many people who have been involved in Thai politics lately are very passionate people, and many of them went through very dramatic and exciting events; therefore, their lives should be adapted into films. I have to say that things happening in Thai politics recently may be much more exciting than what happens in many dramatic or mystery films. That doesn’t mean that I prefer these recent tumultuous events to calm situation. If I can choose, I will surely choose to live in a calm and liberal country. But I can’t choose, so I just try to find a way to psychologically deal with these political catastrophes by viewing them as situations in dramatic films. I think that may be 30 years from now, some filmmakers in the future may want to make a film about what has happened in Thailand since 2006. Sometimes I try to imagine what that film would be like. Will it be as exciting as DANTON (1983, Andrzej Wajda)?

Other reasons why I think these recent political events should be adapted into films:

1.It’s very unpredictable for me. For example, I had never thought there would be a military coup in Thailand again after 1992.

2.It’s full of unpredictable characters. I used to view some Thai politicians as heroes, but after 2006, I view them as villains. I also used to view other Thai politicians as evil, but after 2006, I view them as lesser evil. I seem to have to change my mind every month about some politicians. The politicians I love in a month can easily turn into the politicians I hate in the next month after some events.

3.It’s full of grey characters and round characters. There have been many political persons whom I can’t say they are totally evil or totally good. These political persons sometimes say something I totally agree with, other times they say things I totally disagree with. I can’t choose which group I should side with by deciding which group is “morally better”. All groups are morally gray in my point of view. I think if I have to choose which group I should side with, I may have to choose it by deciding which group can tolerate “different thinking”, because that group is less likely to destroy me.

4.It’s full of dilemma.


5.It’s full of many claims which may or may not be true.


–Talking about the relationship between political events and films reminds me of some Thai films which deal with political persons. They include:

1.THE MOONHUNTER (2001, Bhandit Rittakol, A)

2.THE ARTIST PARTY (2005, Bhanuwat Jittivuthikarn, 26 min, A-)
This documentary is about Vasan Sitthiket, an artist who often deals with political topics.

3.TOSSALIAM (2006, Ittiwat Suriyamat, A+, 3 min)
This animation is anti-Thaksin.

4.THE END OF THAKSIN ERA (2006, Natthapong Okapanom + Ittipol Ayup, documentary, 71 min, A-)

5.THE TRUTH BE TOLD (2007, Pimpaka Towira, documentary, A+)

–I wish some filmmakers make films about these Thai political persons, because I think some of them are very interesting, colorful, or scandalous. Their lives or opinions should be captured in documentary films or should inspire some filmmakers to create fictional films. Some of them are not good politicians, but I’m interested in their personal lives.

1.Teeranai Jaruwat

He is a 21-year-old student activist who studies history. I’m not sure if I agree with all of his viewpoints or not, but I think he is against some seniority system in universities. It reminds me that I also hate this seniority system in university very much.

His old interview in Thai can be read here:

His group’s political statement in Thai:

2.Giles Ji Ungpakorn

3.Jitra Kotchadej

Her interview in Thai:

4.Jakrapob Penkair

5.Mingkwan Sangsuwan

6.Jaruvan Maintaka

7.Sodsri Satayatham

8.Chaba Singhaklangpol

9.Rosana Tositrakul

10.Tuangporn Asawawilai



  1. This is my reply to Filmsick in my bilingual blog:

    Yes. I didn’t think about MEUNG NAI MOK before. The political situations in Thailand may be best expressed as horror stories, such as THE MIST or MEUNG NAI MOK (which can be literally translated as A TOWN IN THE MIST). It is interesting to note that MEUNG NAI MOK is shown in 1978, two years after the massacre in Bangkok.

    Comment by celinejulie — September 22, 2008 @ 11:32 pm

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    Comment by mix — November 7, 2008 @ 5:07 am

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