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September 23, 2008

MY WINNIPEG (2007, Guy Maddin, A+)

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The BIFF2008 has started, and I enjoyed it a lot. What I like the most in the first day is the Thai subtitles for VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA and MY WINNIPEG. Since my English listening comprehension is very bad, I appreciate it very much that any English-speaking films come with subtitles.


1.MY WINNIPEG (2007, Guy Maddin, A+)

2.THE LAST MISTRESS (2007, Catherine Breillat, A+)

3.PARKING (2008, Chung Mong-Hong, Taiwan, A)



Though the film is not very powerful, I still like the ending of this film, because it doesn’t make me feel cheated by giving me false promise or false hope by saying that everything will be alright or “you will find the right person someday.” This kind of unresolved ending may be more common in European films, but I didn’t expect it in this film, because at first glance this film seems to be just a lightweight romantic comedy.

Something in the plot of VICKI CRISTINA BARCELONA reminds me of Eric Rohmer’s films. I think VICKI CRISTINA BARCELONA and many films by Eric Rohmer have interesting female characters, and I wonder if there is any female director who make films which can be compared to Eric Rohmer’s.

There is one scene I like very much in VICKI CRISTINA BARCELONA—it’s the scene in which Vicky, Doug and his two friends talk about some materialistic things which bore Vicky very much. I think I understand the feelings of Vicky in that scene.

I like the character of Cristina (Scarlett Johansson). She is searching for happiness, while she still does not know what can really make her feel truly happy. I like this kind of characters—the ones who question about “true happiness”. It also reminds me of another interesting character—the heroine of ONE SEPTEMBER STORY (2008, Teekhadet Vucharadhanin, Thailand, A+). Cristina and the heroine of ONE SEPTEMBER STORY seems to lack nothing materially, but they are still not truly happy.

ONE SEPTEMBER STORY is about a woman who splits into two personalities—one is governed by the head, the other is governed by the heart. I guess this kind of contrast may also be found in VICKI CRISTINA BARCELONA and SENSE AND SENSIBILITY.

–Though my most favorite film for today is MY WINNIPEG, I think I can’t write anything about it now, because of the same reasons I always find in my most favorite films—they are indescribable. So today I find myself writing many things about my least favorite film for today, and can express nothing in words about my most favorite film.


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