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September 29, 2008

MODERN LIFE (Raymond Depardon, A++++++++++)

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FILMS SEEN ON 27-28 SEP 2008

1.MODERN LIFE (2008, Raymond Depardon, A+++++++++++++++)

This film makes me cry a lot. One of my most favorite films of 2008. The film is as deceptively simple as CAUGHT IN THE ACTS and THE TENTH DISTRICT COURT, but MODERN LIFE affects my feelings more than these two films.

2.BIRD SONG (2008, Albert Serra, Spain, A+++++++++++++++)
Is this film a spiritual comedy?

3.IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA (2007, Jose Luis Guerin, A++++++++++)
The film makes me want to write a hundred short stories inspired by seeing the faces of the women in the film.

4.LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (2008, Tomas Alfredson, Sweden, A+++++)
I like the atmosphere in this film very much.

5.JAY (2008, Francis Xavier Pasion, Philippines, A+)
It makes me laugh a lot.

6.LORNA’S SILENCE (2008, Jean-Pierre Dardenne + Luc Dardenne, Belgium, A+)
I like the topic of guilt in this film.

7.BE LIKE OTHERS (2008, Tanaz Eshaghian, Iran, documentary, A+)
I like the content in this film very much. I particularly like the interviewee who said he/she had killed the love inside herself.

8.DRUMBEAT (2007, Adolfo Alix Jr., Philippines, A+)
I’m crazy for Sid Lucero and Coco Martin.

9.BREATHING IN MUD (2007, James Lee, Malaysia, A+)
At first I thought the film is a little bit boring. Later, I found myself very fond of the decisions made by two characters in the film. They decide to stay away from their own families. I have to admit that I feel very bored with characters in other films who try to be loved or accepted by their own families. That’s why I like the decisions made by characters in this film very much.

10.DAYS OF TURQUOISE SKY (2008, Woo Ming-jin, Malaysia, A+/A)
I like the modest ambition of this film.


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