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October 9, 2008

ALL OUR EVERYDAYS (Pier Luigi Tazzi, A+)

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I went to see the exhibition ALL OUR EVERYDAYS (curated byPier Luigi Tazzi, A+) at Ver Gallery in June. I like it very much. Most of the works shown in this exhibition are like things we can find in our everyday life, but these things are adapted into something beautiful in my point of view.

Things shown in this exhibition include:

1.EX-C-F1 (2008, Huang Shih-Chieh, video, A+)

2.PROCESS (2007, Huang Shih-Chieh, video, A+)

3.EVX-07 (2007, Huang Shih-Chieh, video, A+)

4.SHIMABUKU’S FISH & CHIPS (2006/2008, Shimabuku, video, A)

5.THE GREAT FROM THE WEST (1990, Montien Boonma)
This is the art work I like the most in June.

6.KILLING THE TIME (E.B. 2008) (Emanuele Becheri, sculptures, A+)

7.ARABESCHI THAI IN THE KITCHEN (2008, Arabeschi di Latte, A+)

8.Graphite wall drawing by Davide Rivalta (A+)

9.Drawings by Wael Shawky

10.Paintings by Nim Kruasaeng

11.Photos by Takuma Nakahira


This is not concerned with the exhibition. It’s just a photo of my two teddy bears.


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