Limitless Cinema in Broken English

October 11, 2008


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My poll 34 ended with 11 votes. Thanks to everyone who participated in it. Here is the result:


1.JAY (2008, Francis Xavier Pasion, Philippines)
It got 4 votes or 36 %.

2.ETERNAL SUMMER (2006, Leste Chen, Taiwan)

+TWO STORIES (ธรรมะสองเรื่องควบ) (2008, Natchanon Jitweerapat + Isara Kunlum, Thailand) 20 min

+WHERE’S MY DOLL? (2008, Tanwarin Sukkhapisit, Thailand) 5 min

Each of them got 3 votes, or 27%.

5.HASAN (2008, Attapon Pamakho, Thailand) 29 min
It got 2 votes, or 18 %.

6.BE LIKE OTHERS (2008, Tanaz Eshaghian, Iran)

+CROC (จระเข้) (2008, Saravuth Intaraprom, Thailand) 15 min

+NO REGRET (2006, Hee-il Leesong, South Korea)

+ONE CHOICE ONE CHANCE (เด็กชายด้ายแดง) (2008, Paween Bupphanhakun, Thailand) 16 min

+SUMMER TRIP (เพื่อน-รัก-ความทรงจำ) (2008, Khajornsuk Junkum, Thailand) 30 min

Each of them got 1 vote, or 9 %.

11.THE BANDAGE CLUB (2007, Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Japan)
+BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY (1983, Genji Nakamura, Japan)
+BUDDY (คู่ขา) (2008, Theppanom Piriyaworakul, Thailand) 26 min
+CHIZURU 1,000 PAPER CRANES (2008, Nareerat Boontham, Thailand)
+INFINITE (2008, Thiraporn Poo-ngam + Wattana Kajadsarapadpai, Thailand) 24 min
+THE MASSEUR (2005, Brillante Mendoza, Philippines)
+THE MIRROR (2007, Thnapon Chungcharoen, Thailand) 4 min
+A MOTH AND A BUTTERFLY (2003, Gilbert Kwong, Hong Kong)
+MY BROTHER NIKHIL (2005, Onir, India)
+RICE RHAPSODY (2004, Kenneth Bi, Singapore)

Each of them got 0 vote.

–I’m glad that there’s a film like JAY. It’s a film of which the main characters are gays, but the main topic of the film is not the one we usually find in gay films. JAY talks about the manipulation of truth by media. This film doesn’t have to have gay main characters, so I like it very much that the filmmaker chooses to make its main characters homosexual. With this kind of topic, JAY is different from many gay films which talk about the oppression from society, AIDS, or romantic stories.

–According to my personal taste, I don’t like films of which its gay main characters are too submissive to their own families. I don’t like gay characters who are not brave enough to stand up for their love rights. That’s why I can’t identify with any characters in LOVE OF SIAM, and that’s why I give KATONG FUGUE (2007, Boo Junfeng, Singapore) only “A”. I like the narrative style of KATONG FUGUE very much, but the film makes me feel bad because the hero is not brave enough to tell the truth to his mother (if I understand it correctly). This reason is also the reason why I love HASAN and NO REGRET, because the heroes of these two films do the right thing in my point of view.


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