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October 24, 2008

COUNTRY TEACHER (Bohdan Slama, A+++++)

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This is my comment in Bioscope webboard:

Reply to Merveillesxx

–If the length of TIME AND CONTINUATION is around 7 minutes, I think I have watched the whole video. I think the video shown in this exhibition may be the shorter version. There may be a longer version than this one. If I remember it correctly, the label placed near the TV said that this video was made in 2001-2002 and the video is 30-minute long. But when I was watching this video, the ending credit said that it was made in 2004, and I think the video lasts only 7 minutes. There are many cuts in the video I saw. The video does not show the heroine knitting continuously, but shows the heroine knitting for about 1 minute, then cut to the next moment to show that the heroine has been knitting for quite a while, then cut to the next moment… . So I guess the 2002 version may be 30-minute long, but the 2004 version may be 7-minute long.

I think the labels in this festival are not trustworthy. The label says that CITY OF ANGELS (Marina Abramovic) was made several years ago, but in fact the video was made in 1983.

I didn’t plan to watch the whole TIME AND CONTINUATION if it is 30-minute long. I just planned to watch it for several minutes. But after I started watching it, I got hooked by it. I just felt a kind of ecstasy watching the heroine keeping on knitting. Watching the video somehow makes me feel as if I was experiencing some ultimate truths about life or something like that. Hahaha. It gives me the ultimate pleasure, and I don’t know exactly why I am attracted to something like this or feel a kind of rapture by something like this.

–I just went to see the stage play THE OTHER LAND (2008, Teerawat Mulvilai, A+++++). I like it very much, especially the last part of the play. A scene in this play reminds me of the case of Chotisak Onsoong. It’s truly great that some artists tackle this serious problem of Thailand.

For more information on THE OTHER LAND, you can read

–My most favorite gay film of the year may be THE COUNTRY TEACHER (2008, Bohdan Slama, Czech, A++++++++++). I like it as much as HASAN (2008, Attapon Pamakho), but that doesn’t mean I approve of the behavior of THE COUNTRY TEACHER’s hero.

–For those who like handsome guys, you can see photos from a fashion show in the link below (thanks to Black Forest):

This is a photo of Chaiwat Thongsaeng, the leading actor of BANGKOK LOVE STORY

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