Limitless Cinema in Broken English

October 29, 2008


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1.THE SKY, THE EARTH AND THE RAIN (2008, Jose Luis Torres Leiva, Chile, A+++++++++++++++)

I like the way the film focuses on nature and the loneliness of the heroine. I particularly love the sound in this film. We can hear many things which are not present in our eyes, such as the sound of various kinds of birds, the clock ticking, the sound of water, etc. I also love the moment when the heroine decides to sit in the cold area on the boat. This film is very strongly atmospheric, and can make me feel as if I am smelling or touching some soft, damp earth on the ground.

2.WORD WITHIN THE WORD (2008, India, Rajula Shah, documentary, A+)

While LISTENER’S TALE lifts me up to the sky (or my own fantasy world), WORD WITHIN THE WORD brings me down to earth to pay attention to real human beings.

3.A JIHAD FOR LOVE (2007, Parvez Sharma, USA, documentary, A+)

4.THE WATERCOLORIST (2008, Daniel Rodriguez, Peru, maybe A-)
This film might have got a higher grade if I didn’t feel very sleepy while watching it.

Some information on JUBILEE:

From the book DEREK JARMAN, written by Tony Peake

“In an early note, Jarman wrote that the film was dedicated to ‘all those who secretly work against the tyranny of Marxists fascists trade unionists maoists capitalists socialists etc…who have conspired together to destroy the diversity and holiness of each life in the name of materialism…For William Blake.’ “


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  1. This is my reply to Initial A in my bilingual blog:

    Yes, I think the sound in THE SKY, THE EARTH AND THE RAIN is very haunting. I’m glad I saw this film on the big screen, because a big theatre’s sound system can present various layers of sound much better than my old TV. I particularly love the sound in the ending credit—the sound of frogs getting louder and louder until it becomes surreal. It’s the sound of natural life after the rainfall.

    Another reason why I love this film very much is because it gives me a very pleasant calm state of mind. It’s hard to describe this feeling by words, but I enjoyed this calmness of my mind very much.

    Comment by celinejulie — October 29, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

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