Limitless Cinema in Broken English

October 30, 2008


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1.SEVEN DUMPSTERS AND A CORPSE (2007, Thomas Haemmerli, Switzerland, A+++++)

I’m not sure if this is a good film or not, but I enjoy some parts of it very much. This film is also directly related to me, because I think I have a tendency to be mentally ill like the director’s mother, because I have collected too many things in my small apartment, especially film articles, film magazines and film books. This film makes me swear to myself I have to throw all these unnecessary things away, though it may be too difficult for me at this moment to throw away such magazines as REAL, NEED+, STEP, MEN’S WORKOUT, etc.

2.ZUBEIDAA (2001, Shyam Benegal, India, A+)
This film reminds me of ANGEL (2007, Francois Ozon, A). I like melodrama films such as these two, because the heroines in these two films behave a little bit like villainess, not like innocent heroines. I also love the story about the downfall of feudalism.

3.JERUSALEM: THE EAST SIDE STORY (2007, Mohammmed Alatar, Palestine, documentary, A+/A)
This is a political film which is very informative.

4.LOST AND FOUND (2008, Noth Thongsriphong, Thailand, A)

5.CHERRY BLOSSOMS-HANAMI (2008, Doris Doerrie, Germany, A)
I think the ending of this film is too unsurprising.

6.WAY (2008, Khemupsorn Sirisukha, short film, B+)


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