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November 14, 2008

PAINTED SKIN (Gordon Chan, A++++++++++)

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This is my comment in Screenout Webboard:


1.PAINTED SKIN (2008, Gordon Chan, A+++++++++++++++)

You may find many flaws in this film. One of the three heroines in this film also kills a lot of people. However, this is still the film which makes me feel the most romantic in my whole life. Zhao Wei gives one of the best performance. Chen Kun plays one of the nicest male characters I have ever seen. According to my own feelings, this action-drama-thriller film has more HEARTS than most romantic films I ever saw.

However, I don’t like other films by Gordon Chan, which include OKINAWA RENDEZVOUS (2000, B-), 2000 AD (2000, B), and FIST OF LEGEND (1994, B)

Some photos of Chen Kun

2.INTO THE FARAWAY SKY (2007, Isao Yukisada, A+++++)

Isao Yukisada directed SPRING SNOW (2005, A+), YEAR ONE IN THE NORTH (2005, A-) and CRYING OUT LOVE, IN THE CENTER OF THE WORLD (2004, C+).


This is my comment in bioscope webboard:


 SHADOWS FORMLESS (2007, Ashish Avikunthak)

“A film trapped between two monologues. A lonely and abandoned wife’s fantasy comes to life when the paramour she invokes springs forth and transforms her reality.”

I knew about this film from Dan Sallitt’s blog:

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  1. This is my reply to Filmsick in my bilingual blog:

    I even prefer PAINTED SKIN to some Hong Kong films in the same genre, because PAINTED SKIN pays attention to the feelings and emotions of the characters. This is the kind of things which I hardly see in these semi-action Hong Kong films. I prefer PAINTED SKIN to GOLDEN SWALLOW (1988, O Sing-Pui, A+++++) and A CHINESE GHOST STORY (1987, Ching Siu Tung, A), though I love GOLDEN SWALLOW because it pays attention to the fighting between female characters, and I like A CHINESE GHOST STORY because it is spectacular.

    Comment by celinejulie — November 17, 2008 @ 6:49 pm

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