Limitless Cinema in Broken English

December 22, 2008


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I went to see the exhibition TRACES OF SIAMESE SMILE: ART + FAITH + POLITICS + LOVE in November. There are many things I like in this exhibition, including:

Most of the images below come from the following website:

1.BARE THE BURDEN AND HEAT OF THE DAY (2000, Prateap Kochabua)

You can see more paintings by Prateap Kochabua here:

2.BATTLE OF MARA (1989, Thawan Duchanee)

3.BOXEUR THAI (1994, Pierre et Gilles)

4.I AM THAI (2007, Krissada Dhussadeewanich)

5.INSIDE OUT: OUTSIDE IN (2008, Anuchai Secharunputong)

6.JONG-KLOM (2000, Chokchai Tukpoe)

7.KHMER-DONNA: ANNUNZIATA #5/08 (2008, Michael Shaowanasai)

8.LOVERS (1993, Sawasdi Tantisuk)

9.MELTING VOID: MOLDS FOR THE MIND (1999, Montien Boonma)

10.PANYA(1992, Parinya Tantisuk)

You can see more paintings by Parinya Tantisuk here:


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