Limitless Cinema in Broken English

December 22, 2008


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–The blog of FREEDOM AGAINST CENSORSHIP THAILAND has an interesting post about blocked websites in Thailand. You can read it here:

–Giles Ji Ungpakorn wrote about some interesting questions that need to be put to the new government of Thailand.


“1. Will the government punish PAD leaders for breaking the law, including the Democrat MP who took over the airport? Will the PAD be made to answer for the damage at Government House? Will the Democrats expel their MP who lead the airport occupation?

2. Will the military chiefs be sacked for breaking the law and intervening in politics. Will they be sacked for giving the green-light to the take-over of the airports and thus compromising airport security?

3. Will the government defend the undemocratic constitution or will it amend the constitution to increase democracy?

4. Will elections be held as soon as possible to allow the Thai population to have a say?

5. What serious measures will the government take in order to protect the poor from the economic crisis. What job creating policies do they have? How can they stop workers being sacked from factories. Will they increase wages and cut VAT in order to stimulate the economy? Will they increase taxation on the rich in order to help the poor?

6. Will the government punish state officials who murdered unarmed demonstrators in the South at Takbai during the Thaksin government? Will they withdraw troops and police so that a peaceful political solution can be achieved?

7. Will the government ensure a balanced media by allowing significant space for Red Shirt anti-government critics? Or will the government increase censorship and media bias? Will they repeal the les majesty law and allow public scrutiny and criticism of the courts?

Many of us can guess what the answers will be….”

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