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February 3, 2009


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The exhibition THE THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY OF D.K. FILMHOUSE (FILMVIRUS) will show some films on February 5-7. This exhibition is held at Jamjuree Art Gallery near Mahboonkrong Center. You can see its map here.

On Thursday, Feb 5, documentaries about these filmmakers will be shown from 1300 hrs:

(I copied the program from Twilight Virus’ blog: )

1.Agnes Varda (15 min)
2.Chantal Akerman (57 min)
3.Claire Denis (50 min)
4.Jacques Doillon (50 min)
5.Herbert Achternbusch meets Aki Kaurismaki (13 min)

Then, some films will be shown, which include:

6.CINEMA DREAM, TOKYO DREAM (Kiju Yoshida, 52 min)

7.ROOM: FIELD (2006, Tossapol Boonsinsukh, 10 min)

8. i i and us (2006, Rin Namasondhi + Setthapong Kumsin)

9.CLIP (PEG) (2006, Sukalya Pagang + Suwisal Kwanthongchoom + Jakrapat Promsing)

On Friday and Saturday, some Thai short films selected by Filmsick and me will be shown. I think some of these films don’t have English subtitles. The program is as follows:

Friday, February 6

1300-1700 hrs

1.DISEASES AND A HUNDRED YEAR PERIOD (2008, Sompot Chidgasornpongse, 20 min)

โรคร้ายในรอบหนึ่งร้อยปี (สมพจน์ ชิตเกษรพงษ์ /2008/ไทย)20 นาที
This film is partly about the censorship of SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY.

2.HONGSA’S SCHOOL BAG (2008, Supamok Silaruk, 23 min)

กระเป๋านักเรียนของหงสา (ศุภโมกข์ ศิลารักษ์) 23นาที
Previous films of Supamok include VIOLET BASIL (2004) and THE SONGS OF EH DOH SHI (2007).

3. AN ORDINARY STORY (DIRECTOR’S CUT) (2007, Meathus Sirinawin, 23 min)

เรื่องธรรมดา DIRECTOR’S CUT (2007, เมธัส ศิรินาวิน) 23 นาที
This is a documentary about a male university student. The subject of this film was not aware that he was shot during the shooting of this film.

4.TWO STORIES ABOUT DHARMA (2008, Natchanon Jitweerapat + Isara Konlum, 20 min)

ธรรมะสองเรื่องควบ (ณัฐชนน จิตวีรภัทร , อิสระ คลล้ำ /2008 /ไทย) 20 นาที
This is the cult film of the year 2008.

5.FRAGRANCE OF THE WIND (GLIN SAIL OM) (2007, Chaiwat Wiansantia, 26 min)

กลิ่นสายลม(ชัยวัฒน์ เวียนสันเทียะ) 26 นาที

6.WE ALL KNOW EACH OTHER (2007, Phuttiphong Aroonpheng, 57 min)

WE ALL KNOW EACH OTHER (2007, พุทธิพงษ์ อรุณเพ็ง) 57 นาที
In this documentary shot in Japan, person A talks about his friend B, then B talks about C, then C talks about D, and so on.

7.WAY TO BLUE (Supawadee Sripoothorn, 30 min)

WAY TO BLUE (สุภาวดี ศรีภูธร) 30 นาที

8.ENDLESS RHYME (2008, Thanatchai Bundasak, 26 min)

วัฏคีตา (ENDLESS RHYME ) (ธณัชชัย บรรดาศักดิ์ / 2008/ไทย)26 นาที

The program for Saturday, Feb 7 is as follows:

12.30-1700 hrs

1.HASAN (2008, Attapon Pamakho, 29 min)

ฮะซัน(อรรถพล ปะมะโข /2008) 29 นาที

This is one of the most romantic gay films I have ever seen. It stars Supasawat Buranawej and Pavinee Samakkabutr, who are ones of the leading actors in current Thai theatre scenes.

2. DEAD SNACK (2008, Pichanund Laohapornsvan, 8 min)

ขอขบเคี้ยวสักนิดก็ยังดี (พิชชานันท์ เลาหะพรสวรรค์) 8 นาที
This is a very funny Thai zombie film.

3.THE DAY I LEAVE THE CLASSROOM (2008, Witchuta Watjanarat, 18 min)

ภาพเคลื่อนไหว (วิชชุตา วัจนะรัตน์) 18 นาที
This film shows the problem of film studies in Thai universities.

4.FAMILY (2008, Komsunt Boonyavit, 13 min)

เด็กมีปัญหา (2008, คมสันต์ บุญญะวิตร) 13 นาที

5.WANG YUEN HAB (2008, Sompong Soda, 35 min)

วังยื่นหาบ (2008,สมพงษ์ โสดา)35นาที
This film shows Thai rural life in the way I rarely see. It feels really earthy in this film. I think it may be interesting to compare and contrast the ways Thai rural life are shown in contemporary films by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Uruphong Raksasad, Boonsong Nakphoo, Comjak Thongjib, Chaiwat Wiansantia, and Sompong Soda.

6.TRACK 01 TAKE 30 (2008, Thakoon Khempunya, 17 min)

เมื่อผมแต่งเพลงรัก (ฐากูร เข็มปัญญา) 17 นาที
This is a self-reflexive film.

7.REAL (2008, Uhten Sririwi, 15 min)

REAL (อุเทน ศรีริวิ) 15 นาที
This is a self-reflexive film.

8.PLOTTAPE (2007, Kitisak Khunpetch, 16 min)

PLOTTAPE (กิติศักดิ์ ขุนเพชร) 16 นาที
This is a self-reflexive film.

9.NEW GENERATION (2008, Pakwan Suksomthin, 16 min)

NEW GENERATION (เด็กโจ๋) (2008, พาขวัญ สุขสมถิ่น)16 นาที

10.THE…PROFICIENT (2008, Phumiphat Arayathanitkul, 26 min)

เออ…เองเก่ง (ภูมิพัฒน์ อารยะธนิตกุล) 26 นาที
This is a very lovely documentary.

11.PERFECT BALANCE? (2007, Parinya Junpengpen, 4 min)

Perfect Balance?(ปริญญา จันทร์เพ็งเพ็ญ) 4 นาที

12.STILL (2008, Wisarut Deelorm, 52 min)

STILL (2008, วิศรุต ดีล้อม) 52 นาที

13.REPEATING DRAMATIC (2008, Arpapun Plungsirisoontorn, 8 min)

REPEATING DRAMATIC (2008, อาภาพรรณ ปลั่งสิริสุนทร) 8นาที

This experimental film is one of my most favorite films dealing with Thai politics.

–However, I hope those of you who are planning to attend the film programs above plan everything well in advance, because there seem to be many events in Bangkok this weekend. So if you don’t plan well, you may scream out loud in frustration because you can’t decide which events you should attend.


4-5 Feb
This is a stage play at “The Style by Toyota” Building in Siam Square.

4-6, 10-13 Feb
This event comprises four stage plays by Mass Communication students in Chulalongkorn University. It is held at Tiam Chokewattana’s auditorium.

6-8 Feb
Friday at 1930 . Saturday and Sunday at 1400 and 1930. The ticket price is 200 baht.

This is a stage play at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre. I think I can’t afford to miss this stage play. From its brochure, I understand that this stage play will star three of my most favorite Thai actresses of all time—Sumontha Suanpolrat, Pavinee Samakkabutr, and Panrut Kritcharnchai.

6-8 Feb
This big-production stage play is held at M Theatre.

6-8 Feb
This event is held at Alliance Francaise.

7-8 Feb
1500+1930 hrs at Crescent Moon Space
You can read more about this event here.

7-8 Feb
This is a stage play at The Style by Toyota building in Siam Square.

8.Soviet Union films at Thammasat University
8 Feb

–Six films by Anocha Suwichakornpong will be shown on Friday, February 13, at William Warren library at 1900 hrs. You can read its details in Thai at:

I wish all of you enjoy as many of these events as possible.


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