Limitless Cinema in Broken English

February 24, 2009


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This is my comment in Girish’s blog:

–Oops, I made a mistake. I’ve seen L’ENFANCE NUE only once. It should have been in the list of films I need to watch again.

–I like what Fernando wrote very much: “it dawned on me that the film’s rhythms were not going to adapt to me, I was going to adapt to the film’s rhythms.”

This kind of thing happened to me while I was watching THE BIRTH OF LOVE (1993, Philippe Garrel). I felt a bit uneasy during the first half of the film, then I decided to let my mind flow with the rhythm of the film, and then I started to see/feel/experience the film’s beauty.

–Some lists by Cahiers du Cinema makes me want to re-watch some films by Brian De Palma and Clint Eastwood. Maybe I overlooked something in them in the first viewing.

–Another Strombolian film for me is HEAVEN OF GLASS (1987, Nina Grosse). I felt very blurred and vague after I had seen it the first time. I felt as if I had seen a 3-D film without the glasses. Later I realized that I shouldn’t have focused my mind on “the story” and “the action of characters”, but I should have focused my mind on “the atmosphere” and “the mood of characters”. I fell in love with this film in the second viewing.


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