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March 3, 2009


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This is my comment in Jesse’s blog (with some photos added):

In your top ten list, I have seen only THE LAST MISTRESS and TWILIGHT. I haven’t heard of WERE THE WORLD MINE (Tom Gustafson) and GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN before, but they sound very interesting.

Glad you are able to see LULLABYE BEFORE I WAKE (2007, Nate Pantumsinchai, A-). I think it is a small film with modest ambition. I like that the film is not trying to be “too romantic”, and I think it pays real attention to the feelings of its characters, and makes the characters and their feelings more believable than most Thai films. (Contrary to LULLABYE BEFORE I WAKE, some Thai romantic films pay too much attention to the stories, the gimmicks, the laughs, and forced emotions.)

I’m very glad you like MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS. I even prefer it to 2046. I think MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS is like a small and simple house, but 2046 is like a department store which is too big for me.

What I like very much in MILK is that Gus Van Sant doesn’t try to make us cry at the end of the film, though actually I don’t mind if he tried it. I remembered that PRIEST (1994, Antonia Bird) made me cry a lot, and the story of MILK has the same potential to make me cry, too. But Van Sant ends the film in another way.

I’m very impressed with the word “swoon-worthy”. Can I use this word, too?

Your list of swoon-worthy boys inspires me to make my own list:


(in alphabetical order)

1.Alexander Fehling — AND ALONG CAME TOURISTS (2007, Robert Thalheim, Germany

2.Cam Gigandet — NEVER BACK DOWN (2008, Jeff Wadlow, USA)

3.Chantawit Thanasewee – COMING SOON (2008, Sopon Sakdapisit, Thailand)

4.Javier van de Couter – A YEAR WITHOUT LOVE (2005, Anahi Berneri, Argentina)

5.Kei Tanaka – THE BANDAGE CLUB (2007, Yukihiko Tsutsumi, Japan)

6.Kim Gang-woo – LE GRAND CHEF (2007, Jeon Yun-su, South Korea)

7.Peter Davis – SELL OUT! (2008, Yeo Joon Han, Malaysia)

8.Rifat Sungar – THREE MONKEYS (2008, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Turkey)

9.Sid Lucero – DRUMBEAT (2007, Adolfo Alix Jr., Philippines)

10.Xavier Lafitte – IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA (2007, Jose Luis Guerin, Spain)

A Thai female filmmaker said that she wants to make a film in which she will stalk Xavier Lafitte all through the film and then say to him, “My name is Sylvia.” I think I share her feeling.


MARINE BOY (2008, Yoon Jong-seok), starring Kim Gang-woo


  1. You’re more than welcome to the term “swoon-worthy”–I like that you actually posted photos along with your list, I probably should have done the same! Of your list–none who I’m familiar with except Lafitte, whose film I haven’t been able to get ahold of yet–Kim Gang-woo strikes me as most adorable.

    “Lullaby Before I Wake” was the alternate for the 10th spot on my list–I really, really loved it. It’s flawed, and almost too self-consciously modeled as a teen variation of the “Before Sunrise/set” films, but I found that a great part of its charm. It’s an interesting blend of Big Ideas and a patient, low-key approach in observing the relationship unfold between the two leads. I tried lobbying to get it a spot out the festival but couldn’t get any traction, which is a shame because it’s not a film at this point American audiences are going to be able to see. I’m keeping my eye on the director though, and hope that he comes up with another film sometime soon.

    I can’t say I prefer “My Blueberry Nights” to “2046” (because the latter IS one of my favorite films) but I did like it a good deal, and certainly much more than a lot of American audiences seemed to. And “Milk” was just released on DVD here Stateside, and I’m interested in revisiting to see if I can clarify my reaction to it more precisely than I’ve so far been able to.

    Thanks for commenting!


    Comment by jataide — March 16, 2009 @ 4:03 am

  2. I just read from Wisekwai’s blog that LULLABY BEFORE I WAKE will be shown in the San Joaquin International Film Festival. I’m glad this film still has a place in the festival circuits.

    I like your words very much — “a patient, low-key approach in observing the relationship”. I think this is what I like the most about this film.

    I just realized that Cam Gigandet plays the villain in TWILIGHT, but I don’t like him at all in TWILIGHT, because of his hairstyle in that film. I much prefer Kellan Lutz (Emmette Cullen) or even Billy Burke (Charlie Swan) to him. I promise I will not steal Robert Pattinson from you, Jesse. So if you fancy yourself as Bella Swan in TWILIGHT, I fancy myself as your mother. Hahaha.

    Comment by celinejulie — March 17, 2009 @ 9:47 pm

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