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April 8, 2009


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This is about a poll in my bilingual blog at


My poll 52 is inspired by GERSWIN FANTASY, which is a performance by Janice Martin, who is an acrobat, singer, violinist, and pianist. Watching her trying to play violin and do some acrobatic feats at the same time is a wonderful experience. But my most favorite moment of her performance is when she did some Chinese martial art (Tai chi chuan) after playing violin. I was surprised to see something like this in her performance. I don’t know why she included Tai chi chuan in her performance, but it gives me the feeling that maybe she didn’t do all these things just to be “unique” or just to be admired by the audience, but maybe she developed all these various talents because she enjoyed doing them.

After watching Janice Martin, I think about other female artists who have many skills and talents. So I make the list below:


1.Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook (filmmaker, writer, graphic artist, installation artist)

2.Cindy Sherman (filmmaker, photographer)

3.Doris Doerrie (filmmaker, writer)
I haven’t read any of her books.

4.Janice Martin (acrobat, singer, violinist, pianist)

5.Joni Mitchell (singer, painter)

6.Laura Mulvey (filmmaker, writer)
I haven’t seen her films, and I have read only one article of hers. But her article unintentionally makes me not feel guilty anymore of not admiring Alfred Hitchcock as much as other cinephiles. Many years ago, I once talked with my friend that I much prefer women in films by Dario Argento, Wes Craven, and Paul Verhoeven to women in Hitchcock’s films, because many women in Hitchcock’s films are so weak that I can’t identify myself with them and I feel a little bit irritated watching them. After reading Mulvey’s article which touches on the roles of men and women in Hitchcock’s films, I began to understand why I don’t like Hitchcock as much as other cinephiles.

7.Laurie Anderson (singer, performance artist, violin builder)

8.Marguerite Duras (filmmaker, writer)

9.Marina Abramovic (filmmaker, performance artist)

10.Miranda July (filmmaker, performance artist)

11.Nezaket Ekici (filmmaker, performance artist)

12.Nuntana Weerachon (filmmaker, writer)
This famous novelist directed PUMAREE SEE THONG (1988). I haven’t seen this film yet, and I can’t remember if I had read any of her novels or not. But I love MAI SIN RAI FAI SAWAT (THE FLAME OF LOVE NEVER DIES) (1994, Adul Dulyarut) and PLEARNG PAI (1990), two TV dramas adapted from her novels.


13.Peggy Wauters (sculptress, drawing artist)

14.Pinaree Sanpitak (painter, sculptress, installation artist)

15.Rebecca Horn (filmmaker, sculptress)

16.Sam Taylor-Wood (filmmaker, photographer)
I haven’t seen her films yet.

17.Sudsiri Pui-ock (filmmaker, painter)

18.Susan Sontag (filmmaker, writer)
I haven’t seen her films yet.

19.Tracey Moffatt (filmmaker, photographer)

20.Yoko Ono (filmmaker, singer, performance artist, conceptual artist)

–You can cast multiple votes.

–The word “filmmaker” here includes videomakers or any moving-image makers.

–I excluded actress/filmmaker (such as Nicole Garcia) and actress/singer (such as Jane Birkin and Paris Hilton) from this list, because there are so many of them. Maybe I will make a list of favorite actress/singer in the future.

–Other interesting multi-talented female artists include:

21.Carla Bruni (singer, model)

22.Carolee Schneeman (filmmaker, performance artist)

23.Ing K (filmmaker, painter)

24.Jane Fonda (actress, aerobic instructor)

25.Maya Deren (filmmaker, dancer)

26.Naomi Campbell (singer, model)

27.Nattarika Thanpridanant (actress, artist)

28.Sally Potter (filmmaker, dancer)

29.Sophie Marceau (actress, writer)

30.Tabea Blumenschein (actress, costume designer)

31.Valie Export (filmmaker, performance artist)



  1. This is my reply to my friends in my bilingual blog:

    — My own vote is for Janice Martin, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Peggy Wauters, Susan Sontag, Yoko Ono, Tracey Moffatt, Nezaket Ekici, Marguerite Duras, Rebecca Horn, and Laurie Anderson.

    — Good memory! Hahaha. Yes, this poll is a little bit connected with POLL 17: EXPERIMENTRESS, which includes Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Valie Export, and Carolee Schneeman in the poll, and that’s why I exclude Valie and Carolee from poll 52. But I still include Araya in poll 52, because I want a few Thai female artists in my poll. 🙂

    –Filmvirus, I remember those Doerrie’s books on the shelf of Goethe library. At first I intended that one day I would borrow Doerrie’s novels from the library to read them. But in the end I found that I didn’t have time to borrow and read them at all. I only finished reading ABSENCE (Peter Handke) and WOMEN IN A RIVER LANDSCAPE (Heinrich Boell) among the books I borrowed from Goethe library.

    I didn’t know that Ing K, Miranda July, and Meg Tilly are writers, too. Thanks for telling me.

    Sophie Marceau’s film is very interesting. I looked for its information in, and I think that the title of the film may be SPEAK TO ME OF LOVE (2002), but the leading actor is Niels Arestrup, who looks very much like Lou Castel.

    –Konmongnang, thank you very much for the information about Nuntana Weerachon and DONG DOK MEI. I know there is a TV series made from this novel, but I didn’t watch it. I just searched for it in youtube and found that Pa-oon Chantornsiri directed it. I guess Sunisa Sukboonsung played the lesbian in this TV series.

    While I was making the poll, I tried to search for some information about Nuntana Weerachon on internet, but it seems there is no database yet for Thai writers. I wish someone created a database for Thai writers and Thai TV series, so whenever someone wants to find all the titles of the novels written by Nuntana Weerachon or by Mor Matugaree, one can go to that website. As for now, every Thai bookshop website provides only a fragment of information about the works of Thai novelists, because these websites only provide the list of the novels in their own stock. I think Nuntana Weerachon might have written more than 100 novels, but a bookshop website only provides the list of her 19-20 novels in its stock.

    When I was a little child, I had no interest in Nuntana’s novels because I misunderstood that her novels are purely melodramatic. I was interested in Tamayantee’s novels at that time because her novels are full of strong, cruel and murderous heroines. I found out much later that her novels are very right-wing. The reason why I love the TV series PLEARNG PAI and MAI SIN RAI FAI SAWAT is because the heroines of these TV series are very cruel, too.

    Comment by celinejulie — April 11, 2009 @ 12:29 am

  2. This is my reply to Filmvirus in my bilingual blog:

    Talking about Deeshun magazine reminds me that I like a piece of writing by Acharapan Paiboonsuwan very much. When I was a child, I read Acharapan’s writing which is about the suicide of Nuttakarn Sethaboot (ณัฐกานต์ เศรษฐบุตร). Her writing is extremely heart wrenching. But I don’t know what Pinyo Tongjeau (ภิญโญ ทองเจือ) thought about Acharapan’s writing in this case. And I’m not sure if her writing appeared in Deeshun magazine, or in Praew (แพรว), or in Preaw (เปรียว) magazine.

    My memory is also getting worse every minute. A few days ago, while I was waiting for the skytrain, I read the book NEGATIVE SPACE. After I got on the train, I stopped reading the book but I still held the book in my hand. Then I realized I couldn’t remember who is the author of the book I was reading a few seconds ago. I tried to remember the name of the author by myself without looking at the cover of the book in my hand. But I couldn’t remember it. I gave up and had to look at the cover of the book to find that it is written by Manny Farber.

    I didn’t know that Helke Sander is a writer, too. The film you showed is THE ALL-AROUND REDUCED PERSONALITY – REDUPERS (1978).

    Reading about Meg Tilly and her family reminds me of the film HOTEL SORRENTO (1995, Richard Franklin, Australia, A). Here is the synopsis of the film from

    “Meg, Pippa, and Hillary are sisters who grew up in Sorrento, a small seaside town in Australia. Meg, who has lived in England for 10 years has just written a criticially acclaimed novel which she claims is entirely fictional. The book causes a stir in Sorrento and in her family when it is supected that the book is not as fictional as she claims.”

    Comment by celinejulie — April 11, 2009 @ 3:42 pm

  3. This is my reply to my friends in my bilingual blog:

    –Vespertine, thank you very much for your suggestion. It seems Chulalongkorn University’s library does not appear in Google’s search result. So I have to go directly to its website at

    And that’s great. It really has a list of about 50 novels by Nuntana Weerachon, including WIFE (เมีย) (1985), WIFE FOR RENT (เมียเช่า) (1990), LEGETIMATE WIFE (เมียแต่ง) (1989), FLYING PROSTITUTE (โสเภณีลอยฟ้า) (1988), and THE SLUTTY BOMBAX CEIBA (ร่านดอกงิ้ว) (1992). Now I know I also saw a film adapted from her work, because I saw THE SLUTTY BOMBAX CEIBA or RAAN DOG NGIEW (ร่านดอกงิ้ว) (1987, Puntape Attagaiwonwatee, B) many years ago. This Chula website also has a list of more than 100 books by Krissana Asokesin.

    –Filmvirus, I just checked in IMDB and Meg Tilly is really in PSYCHO II (1983, A+). I didn’t know anything about PATRICK, but I will grab it if I find it in a VCD store. It’s just because I love horror film and am curious about old Australian films.

    I can’t remember the ending of ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW, but I think I agree with your alternative ending. Talking about gallery owner character, it reminds me of Brooke Shields in THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN (2008, Ryuhei Kitamura, A-). I think she’s memorable in this film, though her role is not very important.

    The case of Meg Tilly who wrote a memoir exposing bad things reminds me of the miniseries ELVIS AND ME (1988, Larry Peerce, B+), which is made from the book by Priscilla Presley and was broadcast on Channel 3. Since I’m not a fan of Elvis and have no knowledge about him, I don’t have any objections to the bad portrayal of Elvis in this miniseries. I remember that I was surprised when I read that some Elvis’ fans thought this miniseries was unfair and full of Priscilla’s bias against her ex-husband.

    When you write something about real people or make movies about real people and show them in a bad light, you may find some problems. But though you show them in a good light, you can also find some problems, too. I have heard that TYSON (2008, James Toback) may show Mike Tyson in too much of a good light that some audience (especially feminist ones) can’t accept it. I think in the end any writers/filmmakers just have to stick to the truth when they create biographical works like this, and they must not care if other people can accept this truth or not.

    Comment by celinejulie — April 12, 2009 @ 3:02 pm

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