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May 30, 2009

BODILY FLUID IS REVOLUTIONARY (2009, Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke, A++++++++++)

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–UNDERSTANDING ART IS EASY (ศิลปะดูง่าย) (2009, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, short documentary, Thailand, A+)
I saw this film at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center. It is shown in The Second International Print and Drawing Exhibition.

–Thai short films shown in Kang Jor 16

1.BODILY FLUID IS REVOLUTIONARY (2009, Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke, A+++++++++++++++)
ของเหลวที่หลั่งจากกาย (2009, รัชฏ์ภูมิ บุญบัญชาโชค, A+++++++++++++++)

2.PARAPARUMPULIANPULIAN (2009, Pawara Chatchawalpreecha, A+++++)
ปราปรัมปุเลี่ยนปุเลี่ยน (2009, ปวรา ชัชวาลย์ปรีชา, A++++)

3.WHAT IS MY ART? (2009, Tosapol Tiptinagorn, animation, A+)
WHAT IS MY ART? (2009, ทศพล ทิพย์ทินกร, animation, A+)

4.A PRINCESS WITH LONGAN EYES (JAO YING TA LUMYAI) (2009, Chanokporn Chootikamoltham, animation, A+)
เจ้าหญิงตาลำไย (2009, ชนกพร ชูติกมลธรรม, animation, A+)

5.STAINED (2009, Manusrawee Wongpradoo, A+)
STAINED (2009, มนัสรวี วงศ์ประดู่, A+)

6.MAHJONG (2009, Napa Sasaluck, A+)
มาห์จอง (2009, นภา ศศลักษณ์, A+)

7.GRANDMA CHA WANTS TO BE SURREAL (2009, Saowapak Suriyawongpaisarn, A+)
ยายชาอยากเซอร์เรียล (2009, เสาวภาคย์ สุริยะวงศ์ไพศาล, A+)

8.SOAP OPERA (NANG NAM NAO) (2009, Garutploy Thamgaew, A+)
หนังน้ำเน่า (2009, กะรัตพลอย ถ้ำแก้ว, A+)

9.ULTRAMAN (2009, Napaswon Sirisukon, A+)
ยอดมนุษย์ (2009, นภัสวรรณ ศิริสุคนธ์, A+)

10.SUCK ME RAW (DUDE CHAN DIB DIB) (2009, Patanun Chinjaroenchai, A+)
ดูดฉันดิบดิบ (2009, พัทธนันท์ ชิ้นเจริญชัย, A+)

11.MY PRESENT (2009, Thitipun Techakitrungrueng, A+)
ของขวัญ (2009, ฐิติพันธ์ เตชะกิจรุ่งเรือง, A+)

12.TAPIAN RIM KLONG (2009, Natapol Boonpragob, A+)
ตะเพียนริมคลอง (2009, ณฐพล บุญประกอบ, A+)

13.THROUGHGETHER (2009, Sasigarn Pootawon, documentary, A)
THROUGHGETHER (2009, ศศิกาญจน์ พุทธวรรณ, documentary, A)

14.THE WORLD OF DARKNESS (LOKE HANG KWAM MUED) (2009, Supatcha Tipsena + Tosapol Tiptinagorn, A)
โลกแห่งความมืด (2009, สุภัชา ทิพเสนา, ทศพล ทิพย์ทินกร, A)

15.LIFE OF THE PIE LOVER: JOURNEY TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN (2009, Chawagarn Cheewaroongnapakul, animation, A)
LIFE OF THE PIE LOVER: JOURNEY TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN (2009, ชวกานต์ ชีวรุ่งนภากุล, animation, A)

16.SUCK 3/2 SEED (2009, Siwawoot Sewatanont, A-)
SUCK 3/2 SEED (2009, ศิววุฒิ เสวตานนท์, A-)

17.I LOVE YOU DAVID! (2009, Wirunun Chitdecha, B+)
หัวใจไซด์โป้ง (2009, วิรุนันท์ ชิตเดชะ, B+)

18.CREEP BY RADIOHEAD (2009, Thanaporn Hirunlertprasert, B)
CREEP BY RADIOHEAD (2009, ธนพร หิรัญเลิศประเสริฐ, B)


May 28, 2009


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1.N TOOK THE DICE (1971, Alain Robbe-Grillet, France)

2.S21: THE KHMER ROUGE KILLING MACHINE (2003, Rithy Panh, Cambodia)


1.FOUDROYANT (2009, Sara Blechman, USA)
I knew about it from

2.THE HANGMAN (1964, Les Goldman + Paul Julian, USA)
Thanks to Filmsick who told us about it.

3.IT IS REPOSE IN THE LIGHT (2009, Jennifer MacMillan, USA)
I knew about it from

4.MOBILE MEN (2008, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Thailand)
Thanks to Filmsick for telling us about it.

5.SUMMER STORM (2009, Tossapol Boonsinsukh, Thailand)

6.WHISPERING GHOSTS (2008, Taiki Sakpisit, Thailand)
Thanks to Filmsick who told us about it.

7.YOU KILLED MY GIRLFRIEND (2008, Meathus Sirinawin, Thailand)


1.AI NO UTA (2005) – Miki Imai

2.ANTIBODIES – Poni Hoax
This music video is directed by Danakil.

3.BUANG (LOOP) – Paweena Shareefsakul

The music video is directed by Patrick O’Dell.

5.DESANCHANTEE – Mylene Farmer

6.DIN DA DA (1997) – Kevin Aviance

7.GENIUS OF LOVE – Tom Tom Club
Thanks to Graiwoot for telling us about it.

8.HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH (Merayah’s radio mix) – DHT featuring Edmee
Thanks to Parichaba who told me about it.

9.HOT MESS (2008) — Kalup Linzy

10.IF YOU KNEW (2009) – Chris Lake featuring Nastala

11.I GOT MY EDUCATION (1992) – Uncanny Alliance

12.THE LAST NIGHT OF THE WORLD – Lea Salonga + Simon Bowman

13.LOUD MINORITY – United Future Organisation

14.MIDNIGHT TAXI – Miho Nakayama

15.SECRET LOVE (Joey Negro mix) – Danni’elle Gaha

16.THE TAXI RIDE – Jane Siberry

17.WAR – Sinead O’Connor
Thanks to Graiwoot who told us about it.


Thanks to Chuck Stephens for telling us about it.

2.THE SARI SOLDIERS (2008, Julie Bridgham, Nepal)


1.Scenes from BROTHER, DEAR BROTHER (1991-1992, Usamu Dezaki)

2.Scenes from ELECTRA WOMAN AND DYNA GIRL (1976, TV series)


Thanks to Graiwoot for telling us about it.

5.PLAYGIRL (1969-1974, Hirokazu Takemoto, TV series)
Thanks to Chuck Stephens for telling us about it.

Thanks to Jeremy for telling me about it.

7.Unknown Thai gay film
Thanks to Black Forest for telling me about it.

May 26, 2009


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This is about a poll in my bilingual blog at


My poll 57 is inspired by WIMALA, QUEEN OF CROCODILE (2009, Wannasak Sirilar, play, A+/A), which is adapted from the legend of Graithong, a famous crocodile killer. I had never been interested in this Thai folklore before, until I saw Wannasak’s play. Wannasak gave a solo performance as Wimala, which is just a supporting character in the original legend. I’m quite impressed at Wannasak’s choice of angle to tell this well-known story. I may have heard this story for a hundred times already, but when this story is told from a different angle, from the viewpoint of the supporting character, the story suddenly becomes very interesting.

WIMALA, QUEEN OF CROCODILE reminds me of some films/plays which use the same kind of technique—changing the viewpoints to tell some well-known stories. Examples include MARY REILLY, which tells the story of DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE in a new way; WANTHONG, which tells the legend of KOON CHANG KOON PAN from the feminist viewpoint; and BE…LOVED (2006, Wannasak Sirilar, A+++++), which tells the story of Don Quixote from the point of view of Dulcinea/Aldonza. I much prefer BE…LOVED to MAN OF LA MANCHA (2008, Euthana Mukdasanit, A+), which tells the same story in a conventional way.


1.LA BELLE NOISEUSE (1991, Jacques Rivette, from Honore de Balzac)

2.BIRDSONG (2008, Albert Serra, from legend)

3.CAT AND MOUSE (1966, Hans-Juergen Pohland, from Guenter Grass)

4.FREAK ORLANDO (1981, Ulrike Ottinger, from Virginia Woolf)

5.HEAVENS OF GLASS (1987, Nina Grosse, from Julio Cortazar)

6.INSTITUTE BENJAMENTA (1985, Brothers Quay, from Robert Walser)

7.KING LEAR (1987, Jean-Luc Godard, from Shakespeare)
I’m not sure I really like this film or not, but I think it’s one of the most exciting “adaptations” I have ever seen. It means I would like to read a 100-page article detailing how Godard adapted Shakespeare’s play into this unfathomable film. Kenneth Branagh’s films may give me instant pleasure, but Godard’s film gives me many things to wonder about.

8.LANCELOT DU LAC (1974, Robert Bresson, from legend)

9.MAE NAK (1997, Pimpaka Towira, from legend)

10.MANUS CHANYONG’S ONE NIGHT AT TALAENGGAENG ROAD (2008, Paisit Panpruegsachart, from Manus Chanyong)

11.MARY REILLY (1996, Stephen Frears, from Valerie Martin and Robert Louis Stevenson)

12.MOSES AND AARON (1975, Jean-Marie Straub + Daniele Huillet, from Arnold Schoenberg and legend)

13.MUANG NAI MORK (1978, Permpol Choei-aroon, from Albert Camus)

14.NUAN (Tossapol Boonsinsukh, from Bunjong Gosalwat’s screenplay of NUALCHAWEE)
A CRIMINAL STORY OF NUANCHAWEE (1985, Bunjong Gosalwat) is a serious film about a horrible crime, but Tossapol was inspired by the script of this famous film and made a semi-musical out of it.

15.PROSPERO’S BOOKS (1991, Peter Greenaway, from Shakespeare)

16.SWORDSMAN II (1991, Ching Siu-tung, from Jin Yong or Louis Cha)
I think this is one of my most favorite examples of literary adaptations. The story in SWORDSMAN II is very far from the original novel. But that’s the right thing. The original novel tells a very long story, but SWORDSMAN II just uses some characters from the original source, imagines new relationships between them, and creates new exciting events which last only a few days, instead of a few years like in the original novel. When the filmmaker doesn’t feel too attached with the original story, he can create a wonder of his own, like SWORDSMAN II, or ASHES OF TIME (1994, Wong Kar-wai, from Louis Cha).

17.TAROT (1985, Rudolf Thome, from Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

18.WANTHONG (2006, Manop Meejamrat, play, from legend)

19.WHEN I SLEPT OVER THE NIGHT OF THE REVOLUTION (2007, Ninart Boonpothong, play, from Shakespeare)
This is adapted from HAMLET.

20.WIMALA, QUEEN OF CROCODILE (2009,Wannasak Sirilar, play, from legend)

You can cast multiple votes.


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My poll 56 ended with 5 votes. Thanks very much to everyone who participated in it. Here is the result:


1.BLUE MOON (Ali Gaggl) – BLUE MOON (2002, Andrea Maria Dusl)
+A song about finding husband in DREAMWATCH FOR ANYONE WHO IS BELIEVED TO VIOLATE GOOD MORALITY (2007, Manussak Dokmai)
+EV’RY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE (Annie Lennox) – EDWARD II (1991, Derek Jarman)
+GIVE ME YOUR HEART (Denette Hoover + Sherwood Ball) – ALWAYS (1989, Steven Spielberg)
+IT CAN’T RAIN ALL THE TIME (Jane Siberry) – THE CROW (1994, Alex Proyas)
+LLORANDO (CRYING) (Rebekah Del Rio) – MULHOLLAND DRIVE 2001, David Lynch)
+SOMETIME LATER (Alpha) – MY LIFE WITHOUT ME (2003, Isabel Coixet)
+TAKE ON ME (A-Ha) – FREE RADICALS (2003, Barbara Albert)

Each of these films got 2 votes, or 40 %.

10.HELPLESS (I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITHOUT YOU) (Urbanized featuring Silvano) – JEFFREY (1995, Christopher Ashley)
+The opening song of THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED (ล่า) (1977, Pairach Gasiwat)
+I PUT A SPELL ON YOU (Natacha Atlas) – DIVINE INTERVENTION (2002, Elia Suleiman)
+LICENSE TO KILL (Gladys Knight) – LICENSE TO KILL (1989, John Glen)
+THE POWER OF LOVE (Jennifer Rush) – THE SEVENTH CONTINENT (1989, Michael Haneke)
+The opening song of RAI SANAYHA (ไร้เสน่หา) (1978, Chana Kraprayoon)
+RAKUEN NO DOOR (Yoko Minamino) – SUKEBAN DEKA (1987, Hideo Tanaka)

Each of these films got 1 vote, or 20 %.

17.DIAMOND (Princess Princess) – TOWN OF EVENING CALM, COUNTRY OF CHERRY BLOSSOMS (2007, Kiyoshi Sasabe)
+The opening song of GOONG NANG (PRAWN) (1976, Dokdin Ganyamarn)
+QUOI (Jane Birkin) – SAME OLD SONG (1997, Alain Resnais)
+THE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER (Vera Lynn) – DÉJÀ VU (1997, Henry Jaglom)

Each of these films got 0 vote.

–As for soundtrack of Thai TV series, my most favorite ones include:

1.BUANG (LOOP) (directed by Supol Wichienchai)
Sung by Paweena Shareefsakul

2.SISA MARN (THE DEVIL’S HEAD) (1993, Jaroon Thummasilp)
Sung by Chantana Kittiyapun

3.MIRACLE OF LOVE (M.L. Bhandevanop Devakul)
Sung by Charnnut Patkul

HIDE AND SEEK (2009, Pongsuk Intanom, A+)

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I went to see eleven short films by the third-year students of the Bangkok University yesterday. I quite like them. Here are the films I saw :

1.MEET (POB) (2009, Woottipun Deepunya, A+)
พบ (2009, วุฒิพันธ์ ดีปัญญา, A+)
I like that the film emphasizes on the internal feelings. I also love the lyrical editing, the lustrous cinematography, and the gorgeous actor in this film.

2.HIDE AND SEEK (SORN AB) (2009, Pongsuk Intanom, A+)
ซ่อนแอบ (2009, พงษ์ศักดิ์ อินทร์ถนอม, A+)
Some movements in this film remind me of old silent films. This is the only film in the festival which makes me feel like this. I also like the use of soundtrack in this film very much.

3.WRONGDOER (2009, Pongpattana Puangkwamsook, A+)
WRONGDOER (2009, พงษ์พัฒนา พ่วงความสุข, A+)

4.MINIMART (2009, Siriporn Kongma + Panu Srichaitong, A+)
MINIMART (2009, ศิริพร คงมา + ภานุ ศรีไชยทอง, A+)
I like the attitude of this film.

5.THE BICYCLE (2009, Napat Jaitiangtum, A+)
THE BICYCLE (2009, ณภัทร ใจเที่ยงธรรม, A+)
I like the attitude of this film.

6.OPEN/THE/RATOONS (2009, Paibool Aksornnumpeung, A)
โหย-หน้า-เยี่ยว (2009, ไพบูลย์ อักษรน้ำผึ้ง, A)

7.SILENT LOVE (2009, Akegaluck Cheuwong, A)
SILENT LOVE (2009, เอกลักษณ์ เชื้อวงษ์, A)
This film makes me feel very romantic.

8.LIBERATION (2009, Krissada Pradit, A)
LIBERATION (2009, กฤษฎา ประดิษฐ์, A)

9. 14ST FIRST VALENTINE (2009, Hirun Sangkaew, A-)
14ST FIRST VALENTINE (2009, หิรัญ แสงแก้ว, A-)
I think the title is intentionally grammatically incorrect.

10.CONNECT (2009, Thitima Chaleegool, A-)
CONNECT (2009, ฐิติมา ชาลีกุล, A-)

11.THE CAGE (2009, Chalermpol Soongsuk, B+)
THE CAGE (2009, เฉลิมพล สูงศักดิ์, B+)


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I just knew that S21: THE KHMER ROUGE KILLING MACHINE (2003, Rithy Panh, A+++++++++++++++) is available in Youtube. This is surely one of my most favorite films I saw this year.

May 25, 2009


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I copied the information below from an e-mail I got from Art Center Chulalongkorn University:


This is the last week that you can view “The Hacienda Must be Built”, the first international solo show by Australian artist Arlo Mountford.

Many of you who have visited the exhibition might have a lot of questions in mind in terms of what the artist wants to say with his video and animation works. And for some of you who met me (Yo – the PR guy) at The Art Center, we have probably talked about some interesting points about the show.

Anyway, after reading your comments, I thought I should write a newsletter to further discuss some ideas. But I’ll try not to say too much.

The title of this exhibition, The Hacienda Must be Built, Arlo borrowed this sentence from an essay the Situationist International wrote, which suggested that architecture has an influence on society and its development. The SI was formed in the late 50s and operated until the early 70s. They dealt with art and politics and suggested what art is, can be, should be and how it should function. Arlo borrowed this sentence to suggest how art can create something, but doesn’t pinpoint what that thing is.

The earliest work among the three in this show is Return to Point (2006). First, it’s necessary to say that Arlo’s work has always been about the art history. The artist thinks that studying art history is a burden for artists. However, it’s important to know what has been done before so that artists won’t end up creating works with the same idea. At the same, it doesn’t allow artists to do whatever they want and artists are expected to add to the art history. The animation Return to Point makes references to famous artworks in the 20th century, but not in a chronological order. Arlo wants to suggest if new ideas and interpretations can emerge from the juxtaposition of these works. Of course, those who don’t have an art history background won’t be able to appreciate the work the way the artist wanted. Nonetheless, they get to see his humour in the way he animates other artists’ works and uses sound to accompany the visuals.

Stand Up was created in 2008. It features numerous one-line manifestos which state what art is and should be. The animated big black circle with a mouth speaks these lines to a laugh track as if this was a stand-up comedy routine. Obviously, these manifestos sound ridiculous for the artist.

The most recent work is Return to Form: NDINAVIA, made in 2009 and premiered here at The Art Center. The video consists of two parts. First is a drunk converstation in Venice between the artist and his friend video-recorded by the artist’s girlfriend. The second part is a converstation between three costume characters: Deer, Polar Bear and The Wanderer, which is based on the drunk conversation where the artist proposed an idea for an artwork after seeing the word NDINAVIA. (It actually comes from SCANDINAVIA, an illuminated sign in front of a building near the bar in Venice. But the lights of the first three letters did not work.) In the second part, the three characters talk about the “process” of art making, saying that “the initial idea” is “the work”. By starting with this point, it contradicts the fact that Return to Form: NDINAVIA was based on the initial idea that Arlo can’t remember himself. It was only when he later found the footage of the conversation that he decided to create this work out of a conversation and the idea he couldn’t remember having. The conversation goes on to say that “the initial idea” is “the work” and “the work” exists regardless of “the audience”, raising the question why the work is created then. The given answer is “responsibility”. Artists have a responsibility to realise their work according to the initial idea. Another question comes up: Can an artwork fail? The answer: Yes, if it’s not true to its inception. However, in reality, there are so many factors which determine if an artwork comes out the way it was first imagined. One factor is the money. So, if artists don’t get enough funding, their works rarely come out like how they have their initial idea. There are other topics. So if you haven’t seen the work, drop by. The exhibition runs until May 30.

Also, I do a TV show called Art de Siam on TAN Network. I’ve interviewed the artist and made a DVD copy of two episodes featuring The Hacienda Must be Built. Please take some time to watch the interview as well to find out more about the artist’s work and concepts. I have an excerpt here to get your attention.

Yo: How has your work developed over the years?

A: Ah, ok. Well, I moved much more into video and animation. That was my first animation. Hmm… And… I’m kind of… At some point, there was a change where I shifted from focusing on sculpture and the video as a secondary element to focusing on the video. And the installational or sculptural element became less important, more of a support for the video. Hmm… And this work, Return to Form: NDINAVIA was my first actual kind of film work in a sense that I hired actors and I had sound people and I had, well, I filmed, but I had a crew and we went out and we shot this film. So, I think that’s where I’m headed at the moment.

Yo: But what about the subject that you talk about in your work?

A: Ah, I think that… ah… the work becomes less… hmm… less insecure about… where I see my own work and more about what I see the role of art as being in…

Y: What do you mean by that?

A: Well, more about… hmm… more about how, what, why art is important and what art can do…
Y: You mean you question yourself as an artist and art in general.

A: Yes.

Y: Why is that?

A: Coz I don’t like the idea that I know better than anyone else about what art should be or what art is. So, I think it’s important that, so I think it’s important that artists constantly reassess what they’re doing and what art is and why they produce work.

Y: Who do you create your work for?

A: Oh, usually, an audience, to be honest, it’s usually an art audience. Hmm… a… and other artists.

Y: Why?

A: Coz that’s the kind of conversation I like to have, I think.

Y: But isn’t that the conversation you would probably have anyway?

A: Yeah, maybe, yeah. But I think I’m…

Y: I guess, I mean, you have all these questions that you’re curious about and you like to discuss with other people and find out what they think about.

A: And then discover other artists and other ideas. There are a lot of in jokes that you need to be aware of art to understand in my work. I understand that can be a problem if you don’t, but that’s not my problem. (laugh) So, yeah…


The Art Center7th Floor,
Center of Academic Resources (Central Library)
Chulalongkorn University
Phyathai Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
Tel: 0-2218-2965, Fax: 0-2218-2907
Monday-Friday: 9.00-19.00 น. Saturday: 9.00-16.00 น.
Closed on Sunday and public holidays

May 23, 2009

SHANG MUN CHUN MAI CARE (1986, M.L. Bhandevanop Devakul, A+++++)

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This is my comment in Black Forest’s blog:

I like the ending of SHANG MUN CHUN MAI CARE very much, too. I don’t care at all if my husband is a prostitute or not as long as I love him. And I think I can only love a guy only if he doesn’t mind if I am a prostitute or not. I can’t love a guy who minds something like that.

I’m very glad that there’s a Thai film which has a heroine who made a decision like me.

May 21, 2009


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I saw the documentary THE SARI SOLDIERS (2008, Julie Bridgham, Nepal, A++++++++++) early this month. It deals with six women during the political turmoil in Nepal early this decade. These six women can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of a victim of the Royal Army, a lawyer who fights for human rights, a Maoist fighter, and a student activist (Ram Kumari). The second group consists of a Monarchist and a female soldier. I am very impressed with the filmmaker’s ability to gain trust from these two groups who may want to kill each other.

This is the trailer of THE SARI SOLDIERS:

THE SARI SOLDIERS reminds me that there are many interesting female politicians/political activists/political figures. Apart from Aung San Suu Kyi, whom all eyes in the world are looking at now, other female political figures I’m interested in include:

(I don’t know if these people are good or bad. I just think they are interesting and their lives may be worth being adapted into a film or they may be worth being the subject of a documentary)

1.Beatriz Merino, former Prime Minister of Peru

2.Charlotte Corday, the Angel of Assassination (1768-1793)
Actually there is a film about her starring Emilie Duquenne. Tori Amos once wrote a song about her for Al Stewart’s album.

3.Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentina

4.Cynthia McKinney, Green Party nominee for the President of USA

5.Janet Jagan, former Marxist President of Guyana

6.Johanna Sigurdardottir, the lesbian prime minister of Iceland

7.Martine Aubry, First Secretary of the French Socialist Party

8.Michele Pierre-Louis, Prime Minister of Haiti

9.Ram Kumari
She is one of the subjects of THE SARI SOLDIERS.

10.Rosa Clemente, vice presidential running mate of Cynthia McKinney

11.Sitara Achakzai, an Afghan female politician killed by Taliban

12.Thitima Chaisang, a Thai female politician

13.Violeta Chamorro, former President of Nicaragua

14.Viraya Javakul

15.Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine

16.Zinaida Greceanii, Communist Prime Minister of Moldova

May 19, 2009


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Apart from the 20 songs in my poll 56, other soundtrack songs I like very much include:

21.AGAINST ALL ODDS (Phil Collins) – AGAINST ALL ODDS (1984, Taylor Hackford)
This is the case in which I much prefer the song to the film.

22.CARLY’S SONG (Enigma) – SLIVER (1993, Phillip Noyce)

23.CHANSON DES JUMELLES (Catherine Deneuve/Francoise Dorleac) – THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT (1967, Jacques Demy)


25.THE COLOR OF THE NIGHT (Lauren Christy) – COLOR OF NIGHT (1994, Richard Rush, A)

26.DEAL FOR LIFE (John Waite) – DAYS OF THUNDER (1990, Tony Scott)

27.FACE TO FACE (Siouxsie and the Banshees) – BATMAN RETURNS (1992, Tim Burton)

28.FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (Sheena Easton) – FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981, John Glen)

29.IT MIGHT BE YOU (Stephen Bishop) – TOOTSIE (1982, Sydney Pollack)

30.LE CHALE (Sunidhi) – MY BROTHER NIKHIL (2005, Onir, India)

31.LOVE IS IN THE AIR (John Paul Young) – STRICTLY BALLROOM (1993, Baz Luhrmann)

32.MARCIA BAILA (Les Rita Mitsouko) – THE WITNESSES (2007, Andre Techine)

33.MIGHTY WINGS (Cheap Trick) – TOP GUN (1986, Tony Scott)

34.MOON RIVER – ODETE (2005, Joao Pedro Rodrigues)

35.THE MUSIC OF GOODBYE (Melissa Manchester + Al Jarreau) – OUT OF AFRICA (1985, Sydney Pollack)

36.MYSTERIES (Beth Gibbons + Rustin Man) – THE RUSSIAN DOLLS (2005, Cedric Klapisch)

37.NEED TO FEEL LOVED (Reflekt featuring Deline Bass) – IT’S ALL GONE PETE TONG (2004, Michael Dowse)

38.NOTHING HAS BEEN PROVED (Dusty Springfield) – SCANDAL (1988, Michael Caton-Jones)
I haven’t seen this film yet.

39.PLAY DEAD (Bjork) – THE YOUNG AMERICANS (1993, Danny Cannon)

40.THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT (Corona) – BEAU TRAVAIL (1999, Claire Denis)
I like the song, but I worship the use of the song in the film. The appearance of the song in the film seems to add a new dimension to the song. I also feel like this in the case of THE POWER OF LOVE in THE SEVENTH CONTINENT.

You can read Ratchapoom’s review of BEAU TRAVAIL in Thai here:

41.SHINING ROAD (1994, Cranes) – EYE FOR AN EYE (1996, John Schlesinger, B)

42.SHOW ME HEAVEN (Maria McKee) – DAYS OF THUNDER (1990, Tony Scott)

43.SPEAK MY LANGUAGE (Laurie Anderson) – FALLEN ANGELS (1995, Wong Kar-wai)

44.THEME FROM HARRY’S GAME (Clannad) – PATRIOT GAMES (1992, Phillip Noyce, B+)

45.THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND (Madonna) – A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN (1992, Penny Marshall, A+)

46.THE WAY WE WERE (Barbra Streisand) – THE WAY WE WERE (1973, Sydney Pollack)

–As for my favorite song in stage play, I love SANG DAO HANG SUTTA (THE STARLIGHT OF FAITH), which is used in 17 MAY MY VALENTINE (2008, Sawanee Utumma, A+++++++++).

–My favorite soundtrack songs for TV series include LOVE STORY WA TOTSUZEN NI (Kazumasa Oda) in TOKYO LOVE STORY (1991, Kozo Nakayama).

–The list above contains only vocal songs. As for instrumental soundtrack songs, I like

1.LILY WAS HERE (Dave Stewart/Candy Dulfer) – LILY WAS HERE (1989, Ben Verbong)

2.A MAN AND A WOMAN (Francis Lai) – A MAN AND A WOMAN (1966, Claude Lelouch)
This can be considered a vocal song, but I feel that it is like an instrumental song.

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