Limitless Cinema in Broken English

May 18, 2009


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I just went to see a painting exhibition called TO PAINT MY HOMELAND (Phongphun Ruannunchai) at Jamjuree Art Gallery. There are three paintings of King Tilokarach (1409-1487) of the Lanna Kingdom in this exhibition. I like these three paintings very much, so I tried to search for the information about King Tilokarach in Wikepedia.

Wikipedia says in Thai that he was a bisexual king. He liked the ruler of Pakyom City (which is Pichit Province in Thailand nowadays) very much, because the ruler of Pakyom City was very handsome. King Tilokarach wanted to take the ruler of Pakyom to Chiang Mai so that they could live together there, but their relationship was obstructed by the former ruler of Pitsanuloke City. The Pitsanuloke ruler said that if King Tilokarach brought the Pakyom ruler to Chiang Mai, King Tilokarach should kill the Pitsanuloke ruler. King Tilokarach didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the Pitsanuloke ruler, so King Tilokarach had the Pakyom ruler executed.



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