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May 19, 2009


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Apart from the 20 songs in my poll 56, other soundtrack songs I like very much include:

21.AGAINST ALL ODDS (Phil Collins) – AGAINST ALL ODDS (1984, Taylor Hackford)
This is the case in which I much prefer the song to the film.

22.CARLY’S SONG (Enigma) – SLIVER (1993, Phillip Noyce)

23.CHANSON DES JUMELLES (Catherine Deneuve/Francoise Dorleac) – THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT (1967, Jacques Demy)


25.THE COLOR OF THE NIGHT (Lauren Christy) – COLOR OF NIGHT (1994, Richard Rush, A)

26.DEAL FOR LIFE (John Waite) – DAYS OF THUNDER (1990, Tony Scott)

27.FACE TO FACE (Siouxsie and the Banshees) – BATMAN RETURNS (1992, Tim Burton)

28.FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (Sheena Easton) – FOR YOUR EYES ONLY (1981, John Glen)

29.IT MIGHT BE YOU (Stephen Bishop) – TOOTSIE (1982, Sydney Pollack)

30.LE CHALE (Sunidhi) – MY BROTHER NIKHIL (2005, Onir, India)

31.LOVE IS IN THE AIR (John Paul Young) – STRICTLY BALLROOM (1993, Baz Luhrmann)

32.MARCIA BAILA (Les Rita Mitsouko) – THE WITNESSES (2007, Andre Techine)

33.MIGHTY WINGS (Cheap Trick) – TOP GUN (1986, Tony Scott)

34.MOON RIVER – ODETE (2005, Joao Pedro Rodrigues)

35.THE MUSIC OF GOODBYE (Melissa Manchester + Al Jarreau) – OUT OF AFRICA (1985, Sydney Pollack)

36.MYSTERIES (Beth Gibbons + Rustin Man) – THE RUSSIAN DOLLS (2005, Cedric Klapisch)

37.NEED TO FEEL LOVED (Reflekt featuring Deline Bass) – IT’S ALL GONE PETE TONG (2004, Michael Dowse)

38.NOTHING HAS BEEN PROVED (Dusty Springfield) – SCANDAL (1988, Michael Caton-Jones)
I haven’t seen this film yet.

39.PLAY DEAD (Bjork) – THE YOUNG AMERICANS (1993, Danny Cannon)

40.THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT (Corona) – BEAU TRAVAIL (1999, Claire Denis)
I like the song, but I worship the use of the song in the film. The appearance of the song in the film seems to add a new dimension to the song. I also feel like this in the case of THE POWER OF LOVE in THE SEVENTH CONTINENT.

You can read Ratchapoom’s review of BEAU TRAVAIL in Thai here:

41.SHINING ROAD (1994, Cranes) – EYE FOR AN EYE (1996, John Schlesinger, B)

42.SHOW ME HEAVEN (Maria McKee) – DAYS OF THUNDER (1990, Tony Scott)

43.SPEAK MY LANGUAGE (Laurie Anderson) – FALLEN ANGELS (1995, Wong Kar-wai)

44.THEME FROM HARRY’S GAME (Clannad) – PATRIOT GAMES (1992, Phillip Noyce, B+)

45.THIS USED TO BE MY PLAYGROUND (Madonna) – A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN (1992, Penny Marshall, A+)

46.THE WAY WE WERE (Barbra Streisand) – THE WAY WE WERE (1973, Sydney Pollack)

–As for my favorite song in stage play, I love SANG DAO HANG SUTTA (THE STARLIGHT OF FAITH), which is used in 17 MAY MY VALENTINE (2008, Sawanee Utumma, A+++++++++).

–My favorite soundtrack songs for TV series include LOVE STORY WA TOTSUZEN NI (Kazumasa Oda) in TOKYO LOVE STORY (1991, Kozo Nakayama).

–The list above contains only vocal songs. As for instrumental soundtrack songs, I like

1.LILY WAS HERE (Dave Stewart/Candy Dulfer) – LILY WAS HERE (1989, Ben Verbong)

2.A MAN AND A WOMAN (Francis Lai) – A MAN AND A WOMAN (1966, Claude Lelouch)
This can be considered a vocal song, but I feel that it is like an instrumental song.


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