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May 26, 2009

HIDE AND SEEK (2009, Pongsuk Intanom, A+)

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I went to see eleven short films by the third-year students of the Bangkok University yesterday. I quite like them. Here are the films I saw :

1.MEET (POB) (2009, Woottipun Deepunya, A+)
พบ (2009, วุฒิพันธ์ ดีปัญญา, A+)
I like that the film emphasizes on the internal feelings. I also love the lyrical editing, the lustrous cinematography, and the gorgeous actor in this film.

2.HIDE AND SEEK (SORN AB) (2009, Pongsuk Intanom, A+)
ซ่อนแอบ (2009, พงษ์ศักดิ์ อินทร์ถนอม, A+)
Some movements in this film remind me of old silent films. This is the only film in the festival which makes me feel like this. I also like the use of soundtrack in this film very much.

3.WRONGDOER (2009, Pongpattana Puangkwamsook, A+)
WRONGDOER (2009, พงษ์พัฒนา พ่วงความสุข, A+)

4.MINIMART (2009, Siriporn Kongma + Panu Srichaitong, A+)
MINIMART (2009, ศิริพร คงมา + ภานุ ศรีไชยทอง, A+)
I like the attitude of this film.

5.THE BICYCLE (2009, Napat Jaitiangtum, A+)
THE BICYCLE (2009, ณภัทร ใจเที่ยงธรรม, A+)
I like the attitude of this film.

6.OPEN/THE/RATOONS (2009, Paibool Aksornnumpeung, A)
โหย-หน้า-เยี่ยว (2009, ไพบูลย์ อักษรน้ำผึ้ง, A)

7.SILENT LOVE (2009, Akegaluck Cheuwong, A)
SILENT LOVE (2009, เอกลักษณ์ เชื้อวงษ์, A)
This film makes me feel very romantic.

8.LIBERATION (2009, Krissada Pradit, A)
LIBERATION (2009, กฤษฎา ประดิษฐ์, A)

9. 14ST FIRST VALENTINE (2009, Hirun Sangkaew, A-)
14ST FIRST VALENTINE (2009, หิรัญ แสงแก้ว, A-)
I think the title is intentionally grammatically incorrect.

10.CONNECT (2009, Thitima Chaleegool, A-)
CONNECT (2009, ฐิติมา ชาลีกุล, A-)

11.THE CAGE (2009, Chalermpol Soongsuk, B+)
THE CAGE (2009, เฉลิมพล สูงศักดิ์, B+)


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