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August 31, 2009

WIMAN MAYA (2009, Nitade Chula, A++++++++++)

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WIMAN MAYA (Nitade Chula, A+++++). I think the heroine of WIMAN MAYA is as interesting as Becky Sharp in VANITY FAIR (William MakepeaceThackeray), or the heroine of THE INSECT WOMAN (1963, Shohei Imamura). I like it very much that WIMAN MAYA is pessimistic about love, though not as pessimistic as Fassbinder.

Other stage plays I just saw:

2.CHORE MALEE RUMLUEK (Parnrut Gritcharnchai, A+++)

3.NANG FAR NIRANAM (COCKTAIL) (Dangkamol na Pombejra, A+)

4.BEGIN AGAIN (Nana Dekin, A+)

5. ADD AS A FRIEND (Phaya Thai Community Theatre + Bangkok Youth Theatre Ensemble, A+)

6.THREE SISTERS (directed by Hiroshi Koike, performed by Pappa Tarahumara, A+/A)

Now WIMAN MAYA has a chance to be my most favorite stage play of 2009, but it has to compete with LOVE AND MONEY (Adjjima Na Patalung, A++++++++++), and BLOOD CANNOT BE CHANGED (Wannasak Sirilar, A++++++++++).

WIMAN MAYA proves that melodrama can be so powerful if the main characters have hearts and souls.


August 30, 2009


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My poll 61 ended with five votes. Thanks very much to everyone who participated in it. Here is the result:


1.THE ARTIST’S FATE (2009, Wilaiwan Praejaroen, Thailand)
+THE CLASS (2008, Laurent Cantet, France)
+THE SARI SOLDIERS (2008, Julie Bridgham, Nepal)
+SOMEONE TO LOVE (1987, Henry Jaglom, USA)

Each of these films got 2 votes, or 40 %.

5.ALL ABOUT ACTRESSES (2009, Maiwenn Le Besco, France)
+CHARISMA (1999, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan)
+CORN IN PARLIAMENT: LE GENIE HELVETIQUE (2003, Jean-Stephane Bron, Switzerland)
+THE FEAST (2007, Mimmo Calopresti, Italy)
+FLICKER: A NOVEL (Theodore Roszak)
+HITLER, A FILM FROM GERMANY (1977, Hans-Juergen Syberberg, West Germany)
+MADAME X: AN ABSOLUTE RULER (1977, Ulrike Ottinger, West Germany)
+MOVING CAMERAS – OCTOBER 27 (2009, Prateep Suthathongthai, Thai video installation)
+THE PINOCHET AFFAIR (2001, Patricio Guzman, France/Chile)
+READY TO WEAR (1994, Robert Altman, USA)
+SIGNORINA EFFE (MS. F) (2007, Wilma Labate, Italy)
+S21: THE KHMER ROUGE KILLING MACHINE (2002, Rithy Panh, Cambodia)
+24 CITY (2008, Jia Zhangke, China)

Each of these films got 1 vote, or 20 %.

18.SIDA: SRI RAM? (2005, Pornrat Damrung, Thai play)
+A SLIM PEACE (2007, Yael Luttwak, Israel)
+SUDDENLY, LAST WINTER (2008, Gustav Hofer + Luca Ragazzi, Italy)

Each of these films got 0 vote.

–Another film which I like very much in this category is INTERVIEWS (2006, Brooke Andrew, A+), which interviews people from all around the world by using the same set of questions. My favorite parts in this film include the part in which a woman from Jamaica replies to the question, “Do you want to be a white person?” by saying “No, I have enough problems already,” and the part in which an old woman from Argentina talks about her family which became the victims of military dictatorship.

–A CHRONICLE OF LOVE AND PAIN (2009, Kanchat Rangseekansong) portrays the extremely serious problem of Thailand right now—how Thai people cannot tolerate different thinking. The film has four parts. My most favorite part is NO COUNTRY FOR STANDING MEN, which shows how Thai society treats people who think differently. When will this problem end? In my next life?

August 29, 2009

COCKTAIL (2009, Dangkamol na Pombejra, A+)

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This is my comment in Dechito’s blog:

I like this play very much, though I think if I were the heroine’s secretary, I might have quit the job. One thing that I like very much in this play is the fact that it can make entertainment out of a serious subject. I think it is more entertaining than LORENZO’S OIL (1992, George Miller, A+), which also deals with chemical problems. I think this play is as effective as the documentary SICKO (Michael Moore, A+), which deals with the public healthcare system of USA. I also like the fact that this play is against how some people worship “profits” and “market” more than humanity, though I wonder if it would be better or not if the play chooses to portray the villains from foreign chemical/drug company as “people who look like us”, rather than portraying them as “people who look much more villainous than us”, so that the play can remind us that people who worship profits too much are actually all around us. They don’t look different from us. They may even look more respectable than us. They may even be a part of ourselves.


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This is the link to the trailer with English subtitles:

This is what Olaf Moller wrote in Film Comment, May/June 2009, about EVERYONE ELSE:

“At this point, the film casually moves to another level, becoming a painfully precise portrait of a generation that just doesn’t know where it stands in terms of class and politics: afraid of being bourgeois, yet longing for the whole middle-class package; hoping that their petulant postings come off as expressions of a rebellious spirit, but so tangled up in irony that they’re helpless the moment things get serious.”

This is what Kent Jones wrote in Film Comment, July/Aug 2009, about EVERYONE ELSE:

“When a couple enters the terrifying gray zone between commitment and abandonment, they go armed with the ability to create an unsettling physical vocabulary. The deeper they go, the more treacherous certain looks and gestures become. The timing of a returned stare—the relative speed of the return and length of the prolongation—has the power to wound. An exquisitely punctuated smile can be read as a prelude to rejection. And lovemaking is relegated to a temporary respite, resorted to with increasing desperation.”

August 28, 2009


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(The information below is from a promotional e-mail)

August 19-23, 26-30 (Wed – Sun) 2009

BEGIN AGAIN @ Democrazy Theatre Studio

written & directed by Nana Dakin

*performed in Thai, with English Subtitles*

What would you sacrifice to start your life over?A woman leaves her lover to look for answers in a new land. At the same time, a Burmese migrant is smuggled into Bangkok to work as a maid and a Rohingya refugee flees Myanmar by boat…

BEGIN AGAIN, tells 3 parallel tales of what pushes someone to leave home, and the adventure, sacrifices and challenges they face when they must build a new life.

BEGIN AGAIN is part of “The Next Fresh Thing,” B-Floor’s 10th Anniversary celebration program showcasing the diversity and vigor of B-Floor’s members with four new productions by four different directors.

Venue: Democrazy Theatre Studio ( Lumpini MRT station) click for map:

Show Time: 19.30h, except Friday 20.00h Tickets: 300 Baht
Reservations: 089-167-4039

for more information:

August 27, 2009


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For my own convenience, I think I should gather all the links to video comments for the Marathon Thai Short Film Festival in 2009 in one place.

These videos are made by Pongthorn Bunterngsook, a member of the Professional Dry Cleaner, except the video for July 22, which is made by Kanchat Rangseekansong, and the video for July 29, which is made by Patchara Eaimtrakul.

The videos are in Thai. The title of the film in parentheses is the one I talked about in the video.


7 (…I DID NOT DREAM LAST NIGHT by Taiki Sakpisit)

8 (I OPEN AT THE CLOSE by Supakit Seksuwan)

9 (LITTLE LIFE by Rungkarn Kaewsuwan)

10 (SEDUCTION LULLABY by Napat Treepalawisetkun)

12 (KARNNIRAN by Issara Boonprasit)


15 (MY MINE by Woratouch Wattanagune)

16 (PAIRS by Maenum Chagasik)


18 (SUSPECT LOVE by Gun Sangkaew + Wirot Kotakhun)

19 (THOM by Suphisara Kittikunarak)

21 (MY HUSBAND by Chawagarn Amsomkid)

22 (RAINING IN THE NIGHT by Supachai Saiwirat)

23 (THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT by Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa)

24 (SWEETHEART GARDEN by Tanatchai Bandasak)

25 (ALIEN IN LOVE PART 1 by G-rung Suwantitapanyo)

26 (RUK LUB by Kriangkrai Watananiyom + Amornchai Sirirat)
Interview of Directors from Satit Kaset

28 (READ ME! by Janenarong Sirimaha)

29 (ONE DAY by Kirati Nakintanon)

30 (SATAN TANG ARGARD by Kantachai Family)




Jit’s favorite short film (POLITICALLY LAWYER AND NARRATIVE CINEMA by Chaloemkit Saeyong)

Alwa Ritsila’s favorite short film

Meathus Sirinawin’s favorite short film

Merveillesxx’s favorite short film

Nanoguy’s favorite short film

Patzh’s favorite short film


–Some interesting quotes from Jean Cocteau

1.” Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious.”

2. “Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.”

3.” Film will only became an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper.”

4.” When a work appears to be ahead of its time, it is only the time that is behind the work.”


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The information below is copied from my Facebook:


(I was tagged by Penkor Chaiprecha for this note.)

I have never sung in Karaoke. I don’t like Karaoke, but if I can sing, I wish I could sing these songs:



3.BOYS BOYS BOYS – Sabrina

4.HE’S MY BOY – Mandy

5.TOY BOY – Sinitta


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(Thanks to Merveillesxx and Thai Film Foundation for this information)

Award result for the 13th Thai Short Film and Video Festival

The Best Actor
Nachya Soranunt from Perfect Gray

The Pirabkao Award
The Passion of Freshy by Piroon Anusuriya

Kodak Film School Competition Award

Red Man by Nuttapong Homchuen
Cinematographer : Isra Arieakanant and Tahuchan Ruengsri

The Vichitmatra Award

Super Tai FC by Nichakarn Tormtouch
Raisara by Amornlap Promsywan
Hungry or Full by Anuchit Muanprom
Whispering Ghosts by Taiki Sakpisit


The Duke Award (for documentary)

Special Mention
Empire of Mind by Nontawat Numbenchapol

Ru Karoon by Sittidech Rohitasuk
Uncover by Thiraporn Poo-ngarm

Throughgether by Sasikarn Buddhavana


The Payut Ngaokrachang Award (for animation)

Special Mention
The Value of Tree by Salisa Piencharoen
Dae Ther by Thawatpong Tangsajjapoj
Raisara by Amornlap Promsywan
Destination by Mokhaphon Sanghirun

What is my art? by Thodsapon Thiptinnakorn
Abtakon by Thawatpong Tangsajjapoj
Pee-Bok song by Chatchai Thammaphirome

Sink (Vi) by Pittaya Werasakwong


The Special White Elephant (for filmmaker under 18 years old)

Special Mention
Bicycle by Veelayoot Gajangsri
My Best Friend by Tossaporn Riangtong
Do it by myself by Phumrapee Sae-tang
Hurt by Woratep Tummaoros

Runner –up
Untitle by Rajapruk Tiyajamorn
Mike by Prempapat Plittapolkranpim

A Corner by Nunikan Pichairat


The White Elephant Award (for Thai university student)

Special Mention
Buddhist by Vachirathan Ngoungsam-ang
Red Man by Nuttapong Homchuen
Pray by Janejira Chotpratum

Runner –up
Stained by Manasrawee Wongpradu
A Day by Misak Chinphong

Prisoner by Prachaya Lampongchat


International Competition

Special Mention
Point of View by Avishag Leibovich , Israel
Nicolas & Guillemette by Virginie Taravel , France

Three Of Us by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni, India


The R.D. Pestonji Award (for general individual)

Special Mention
Four boys, White Whiskey and Grilled Mouse by Wichanon Somumjarn
Mr.Mee wanna go to Egypt by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Hungry or Full by Anuchit Muanprom

Runner – up
Man and Gravity by Jakrawal Nilthamrong

The white short film / the Candle light by Prap Boonpan


The Popular Vote
Pray by Janejira Chotpratum

August 24, 2009

RAGING PHOENIX (2009, Rashane Limtrakul, A+)

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This is my reply to Initial A in my bilingual blog:


I’m very glad you like RAGING PHOENIX. Yes, I love the fighting style in this film. It is half-serious, half-fanciful. I hate CHOCOLATE (B- ), and ONG BAK (C- ), so I was surprised that I fell in love with RAGING PHOENIX. I guess the reason why I love it is partly because the heroine in RAGING PHOENIX is a woman with desire, so I can identify myself easily with the heroine. I’m not a kind of person who can identify himself with a hero or a heroine who fights for her mother like in CHOCOLATE, or fights for the goodness/patriotism/religion like in ONG BAK. I often feel a kind of disdain for this kind of hero/heroine. But as for the heroine who fights for a handsome man like in RAGING PHOENIX, I can identify myself with her very easily.


Another reason why I love RAGING PHONIX is because it reminds me of the Japanese TV series SUKEBAN DEKA, in which girls fight in a fanciful way.

August 22, 2009


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The Philippine short film program is one of the best programs I have ever seen. The four films shown are uncompromisingly experimental. ETERNITY (1983, Raymond Red) makes me feel as if the film comes from a twilight zone. THE BRIEF LIFE SPAN OF FIRE: ACT 2 SCENE 2: SURING AND THE KUK-OK (1995, Auraeus Solito) is extremely beautiful. THE RETROCHRONOLOGICAL TRANSFER OF INFORMATION (1996, Tad Ermitano) feels like one of the best German films. SURREAL RANDOM MMS TEXTS FOR A MOTHER, A SISTER AND A WIFE WHO LONGS FOR YOU: LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES (2008, Christopher Gozum) is shocking, because it shows an eye operation in extreme close-up.

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