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August 31, 2009

WIMAN MAYA (2009, Nitade Chula, A++++++++++)

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WIMAN MAYA (Nitade Chula, A+++++). I think the heroine of WIMAN MAYA is as interesting as Becky Sharp in VANITY FAIR (William MakepeaceThackeray), or the heroine of THE INSECT WOMAN (1963, Shohei Imamura). I like it very much that WIMAN MAYA is pessimistic about love, though not as pessimistic as Fassbinder.

Other stage plays I just saw:

2.CHORE MALEE RUMLUEK (Parnrut Gritcharnchai, A+++)

3.NANG FAR NIRANAM (COCKTAIL) (Dangkamol na Pombejra, A+)

4.BEGIN AGAIN (Nana Dekin, A+)

5. ADD AS A FRIEND (Phaya Thai Community Theatre + Bangkok Youth Theatre Ensemble, A+)

6.THREE SISTERS (directed by Hiroshi Koike, performed by Pappa Tarahumara, A+/A)

Now WIMAN MAYA has a chance to be my most favorite stage play of 2009, but it has to compete with LOVE AND MONEY (Adjjima Na Patalung, A++++++++++), and BLOOD CANNOT BE CHANGED (Wannasak Sirilar, A++++++++++).

WIMAN MAYA proves that melodrama can be so powerful if the main characters have hearts and souls.


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