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September 28, 2009

REDEMPTION (Sabrina Wulff, A++++++++++)

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1.REDEMPTION (2009, Sabrina Wulff, documentary, Germany, A++++++++++)

I think this film may be a perfect antidote to THE READER (2008, Stephen Daldry, B+ ), because THE READER is about a character who chose to follow the evil orders, while REDEMPTION is about real people who choose not to follow the evil orders, even if it means destroying their own lives.

One thing I like very much in REDEMPTION is the story about a friend of the interviewee. This friend, who was a US soldier, chose to commit suicide instead of participating in the war in Iraq.

REDEMPTION is a graduation film.

2.THE SEARCH (2009, Pema Tseden, China, A+++++)

3.BUTTERFLIES HAVE NO MEMORIES (2009, Lav Diaz, Philippines, A+)

4.INDEPENDENCIA (2009, Raya Martin, Philippines, A+)

5.KOMA (2009, Naomi Kawase, Japan, A+)

6.LOST IN THE MOUNTAINS (2009, Hong Sangsoo, South Korea, A+)

7.CHOCOLATE (2009, Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysia, A+)

8.SEPET (2004, Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysia, A+)


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