Limitless Cinema in Broken English

November 11, 2009

SHANGHAI, WAITING FOR PARADISE (2007, Sylvie Levey, China, A+++++)

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1.SHANGHAI, WAITING FOR PARADISE (2007, Sylvie Levey, China, A+++++),-Waiting-for-Paradise.html

2.IAHGNAHS ONHCET (2009, Speedism, China, animation, A+++++)!.html

3.IN THE WHITE CITY (1983, Alain Tanner, Switzerland, A+++++)

4.A MISCHIEVOUS SMILE LIGHTS UP HER FACE (2009, Christelle Lheureux, France, A+),-A.html

5.UNTIL THE MORNING COMES (2009, Lucky Kuswandi + Moonaya, Indonesia, 44 min, A+)

6.A SILENT STORY (2005, Olivo Barbieri, China, 13 min, A+)

7.GREAT ERA (2007, Zhang Ding, China, 14 min, A+)

8.AUTOSUGGESTION (2008, Vasilis Siafakas, Greece, 12 min, A+)

9.HOME (2009, Filippi Francesco, Italy, 15 min, A+/A)

10.WHITE DAYS (2009, Lei Yuan Bin, Singapore, A)

11.KISSING FACES (2009, Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Singapore, 11 min, A)

12.TAI AN LU (2008, Mathieu Borysevicz, China, 13 min, A)

13.FLASHED (2009, Julian Krubasik, Scotland, 4 min, A-)

14.KITCHEN SINK (2008, Seymour Barros Sanchez + Ginalyn Dulla, Philippines, 17 min, A-)

15.CLICK IN FEAR (2009, Saikyaw Khaing, Myanmar, documentary, 12 min, A-)

16.NEKRO (2008, CJ Andluz, Philippines, 19 min, A-/B+)


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