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December 18, 2009


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My friend asked me to contribute to his poll of “favorite underappreciated or overlooked films of the decade”. So this is what I sent to him.

Favorite underappreciated films of the decade:

(in alphabetical order)

1.AFTERNOON TIMES (2005, Tossapol Boonsinsukh, Thailand)

2.AFTERSHOCKS (2001, Rakesh Sharma, India)

3.THE BARBECUE PEOPLE (2003, Yossi Madmoni, David Ofek, Israel)

4.BEFORE THE STORM (2000, Reza Parsa, Sweden)

5.BIRTH OF THE SEANEMA (2004, Sasithorn Ariyavicha, Thailand)

6.BLIND SPOT (2002, Hanna Antonina Wojcik-Slak, Slovenia)

7.BUNNY (2000, Mia Trachinger, USA)

8.CRY IN SILENCE (2006, Gabriel Biggs, France)

9.EVOLUTION OF A FILIPINO FAMILY (2004, Lav Diaz, Philippines)

10.FOTOGRAF (2001, Kazim Oz, Turkey)

11.THE HEART’S ROOT (2000, Paulo Rocha, Portugal)

12.KICKFLIPPER: FRAGMENTS EDIT (2000-2003, Shaun Gladwell, Australia)

13.THE KITE (2002, Aleksei Muradov, Russia)

14.LO NUESTRO NO FUNCIONA (OURS DOESN’T WORK) (2003, Nicolas Alvarez + Ivan Wolovik, Argentina)

15.LOOK OF LOVE (2006, Yoshiharu Ueoka, Japan)

16.LOVE THAT BOY (2003, Andrea Dorfman, Canada)

17.POLITICALLY LAWYER AND NARRATIVE CINEMA (2009, Chloemkiat Saeyong, Thailand)

18.ROUGH NIGHT (2001, Samart Imkham, Thailand)

19.SAT WIBAK NAK LOKE (2004, Phaisit Phanphruksachat, Thailand)

20.SEVEN DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS (2003, Joel Cano, Cuba)

–It’s very difficult for me to decide exactly what my “most favorite” films of the decade are. So in order to decide easily which films should be included in this list, I apply some rules to myself.

1.Only five Thai films

2.The other fifteen films must be from fifteen countries, so many great French films and American films are excluded. I only picked one from France and one from USA.

3.Only one “extremely famous” director is allowed in this list. In this case it is Lav Diaz.

4.The list should not be too similar to my “Beyond the Canon” list, or else it would be so boring.


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