Limitless Cinema in Broken English

January 18, 2010


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My list of favorite films 2009 is published in Senses of Cinema. You can read it from the link below:
(The link has been updated. Sorry for the broken link yesterday.)

List of 2008

List of 2007

List of 2006

List of 2005

List of 2004

List of 2003

List of 2002

List of 2001

Favorite Underappreciated Films of All Time

–Some other interesting lists apart from the ones in Senses of Cinema:

1.Anuj’s decade list (including a film by Sudhir Mishra, whom I have never heard of)

2.Dan Sallitt’s decade list (including TOUT EST PARDONNÉ)

3.Ed Howard’s 2009 list (including YESTERDAY GIRL)

4.Initial A’s decade list

5.Initial A’s 2009 list

6.Jennifer MacMillan and the decade

7.Kanchat Rangseekansong’s decade list

8.Kanchat Rangseekansong’s stage play list of 2009

9.Maithili Rao’s 2009 list (including TREELESS MOUNTAIN)

10.Nanoguy’s decade list

11.Nanoguy’s 2009 nomination list

12.Noah Viernes’ music and book lists of 2009

13.Oliver’s list of 2009

14.Peter Nellhaus’ 2009 and decade list

15.Pol Payab’s decade and 2009 list

16.Wise Kwai’s Thai films of the decade list

17.Wise Kwai’s Thai films of 2009 list

18.Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa’s overlooked films of the decade list

19.Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa’s 2009 list

20.Zach Campbell’s 2009 list (including SOCCER AS NEVER BEFORE (1971, Hellmuth Costard))


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