Limitless Cinema in Broken English

February 17, 2010


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Two posters for the film program by DK Filmhouse, and a photo of Weerapong Wimuktalop, the director of COLOURS ON THE STREETS (2009). The posters are made by Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa.


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  1. I just saw HESUS THE REVOLUTIONARY yesterday. Unfortunately, I fell asleep from time to time, so I can’t quite follow its complicated story. I don’t understand who betrays whom or who belongs to which group. I think I should see it for the second time.

    However, I still like it very much from my first viewing. I like that the film seems to be devoid of the kind of romanticism found in other films about revolutionary heroes. The hero in this film is untrustworthy, thus I can’t identify with him, and actually I can’t identify with any characters in this film. Everyone is untrustworthy. Their motives are dubious. Many characters seem to be gray, not black or white. It’s like what really happens in the mess of political world. There are tyrannies, there are people who are against tyrannies, but some of them may be worse than the tyrannies. There are people who switch sides. There are people who believe in the good cause, and there are people who are willing to kill innocent people for the good cause, etc. There seem to be no real “heroes” in this revolutionary struggle.

    Comment by celinejulie — February 22, 2010 @ 9:19 pm

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