Limitless Cinema in Broken English

July 25, 2010


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1.AMERICAN ALLEY (2008, Kim Dong-ryung, Korea, 90 min)

2.DRIVING MEN (2008, Susan Mogul, USA, 68 min)

3.ENCIRCLEMENT – NEO-LIBERALISM ENSNARES DEMOCRACY (2008, Richard Brouillette, Canada, 160 min)

4.I AM VON HOEFLER (VARIATION ON WERTHER) (2008, Forgacs Peter, Hungary, 160 min)

5.THE LIGHTNING TESTIMONIES (2007, Amar Kanwar, India, 113 min)

6.THE PIER OF APOLONOVKA (2008, Andrei Schwartz, Germany/Ukraine, 86 min)

7.PIOTR ANDERSZEWSKI – QUIET TRAVELER (2009, Bruno Monsaingeon, France, 83 min)

8.SEVEN BLIND WOMAN FILMMAKERS (2008, Mohammad Shirvani, Iran, 116 min)

9.XIMAOJIA UNIVERSE (2009, Mao Chenyu, China, 76 min)

10.YURI—ABOUT LOVING (2008, Azuma Mieko, Germany/Japan, 64 min)


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