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August 28, 2010


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Since CHAY, GAYVAH-RAR ‘N’ THE MACHUPICCHU is nominated for an award in the Thai Short Film and Video Festival, I think I should make a list of Chaloemkiat Saeyong’s films, because I think he is one of my most favorite filmmakers.


1.APPLE OF DEMOCRACY (แอปเปิลแห่งอธิปไตยนคร) (2010, 3D animation, 10 min)
He co-directed this film with Thintavan Burawat and Somchat Namthong.

2.CHAY, GAYVAH-RAR ‘N’ THE MACHUPICCHU (คำพิพากษาของซาตาน) (2009, 20 min)
My comment on this film:

Filmsick’s comment in Thai:

3.HISTORY ON THE AIR (บุคคลที่ตกค้างอยู่ภายในความทรงจำ) (2009, documentary, 62 min)

4.PERU TIME (กู่ก้องบอกรักนิรันดร) (2008, 18 min)
Filmsick’s comment in Thai:

5.A PLACE OF DIFFERENT AIR (สถานต่างอากาศ) (2008, 24 min)
My comment in Thai on this film:

6.POLITICALLY LAWYER AND NARRATIVE CINEMA (ฆาตรกรรรมสวาท ประหลาดน่านฟ้า ทำให้คนหายตัวไป) (2009, 27 min)
My comment in Thai on this film:

7.REVERSE (2007, 10 min)
Chaloemkiat co-directed this political sci-fi film with Prajak Kadeethum and Eakapon Boonwat.


1.QUOTATION MARK (อัญประกาศ) (2010, Tanakit Kitsanayunyong, 21 min)
My comment on this film in Thai:


1.SECRET OF GODFATHER (ลับเฉพาะเสี่ย) (2010, Yongyut Nethwong, 19 min)


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I really love the conversation at the 2:00 minute of this mock-teaser, which is directed by a 16-year-old boy.

Boy A: “How can we love each other? I don’t even know your name.”

Boy B: “I don’t know how. All I know is that when I’m with you, my penis gets really hard.”

This is the interview in Thai with Teerath Wangwisarn, the director of the mock-teaser.


(in alphabetical order)

1.COMING OF AIDS (2010, Waasuthep Ketpetch, 35 min)

2.DARKEN SKY (ฟ้าสีเทา) (2010, Anuwat Upanun, 27 min)
Anuwat also directed EMOTION (ภาพเลือนลาง) (2006, 4 min).

3.GOGO (ลงสนาม) (2010, Jurarak Kongpol, 3 min)

4.HOW TO CAST MY DEAR FRIENDS? (เพื่อนรักเพื่อนร้าย) (2010, Pichet Smerchau, 25 min)

5.THE JUDGE (คำพิพากษาของความรัก) (2010, Wachara Kanha, 25 min)

6.ONE SIDE LOVER (ผู้รักข้างเดียว) (2009, Panit Pimroon, 11 min)

7.PRE-ATTITUDE (ทัศนอคติ) (2009, Panu Saeng-xuto, 20 min)

8.SCAR (แผลเป็น) (2010, Authawut Boonyuang, 12 min)

9.SURREPTITIOUS (ซ่อนเร้น) (2010, Thitikan Kanchanapakdee, 13 min)

10.SWEETHEART (สุดที่รัก) (2010, Woratep Tummaoros, 20 min)

August 24, 2010


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FUENG (2010, Teerani Siangsanoh+Wachara Gunha+Thani Thitiprawat), which is my most favorite film I saw in 2010, will be shown on Saturday, August 28, 11.00hrs, at BACC. This film liberates me from narrative prison and gives me the ultimate cinematic ecstasy. I worship FUENG as much as TAKE THE 5:10 TO DREAMLAND, KALYI—THE AGE OF DARKNESS, THE DEATH OF MARIA MALIBRAN, GREEN ROCKING CHAIR, and VIDEO 50 (Robert Wilson).

What I like very much in FUENG is the feelings that it is made up of unconnected scenes. But when these unconnected scenes are put together in this film, they yield the greatest cinematic bliss. FUENG reminds me of the ultimate joy I get from the following films:

1.BOONTHING (1991, Hamer Salwala + Saipin Kulkanokwan + Orawan Ovathasarn, Thailand)

2.THE DEATH OF MARIA MALIBRAN (1972, Werner Schroeter)

3.DON’T WARM EGG IN MICROWAVE OR ELSE IT WILL EXPLODE (2005, Tossapol Boonsinsukh, Thailand, 14 min)

4.ESCAPE FROM POPRAYA 2526 (2007, Paisit Panpruegsachat, Thailand)

5.FIREFIGHTER E.A. WINTERSTEIN (1968, Alexander Kluge, West Germany)

6.GREEN ROCKING CHAIR (2008, Roxlee, Philippines)

7.KALYI – THE AGE OF DARKNESS (1993, Fred Kelemen, Germany)

8.ORACLE (2007, Sebastian Diaz Morales)

9.PIPOP BUNTOON (พิภพบรรฑูรย์) (2001, Utis Haemamool, Thailand, 25 min)

10.SWEETHEART GARDEN (มธุรส) (2009, Tanatchai Bandasak, Thailand)

11.TAKE THE 5:10 TO DREAMLAND (1977, Bruce Conner, USA)

12.VIDEO 50 (1978, Robert Wilson)

13.WHAT HAPPENED TO MAGDALENA JUNG? (1983, Christoph Schlingensief, West Germany)

The schedule for the Thai Short Film and Video Festival can be viewed here:

August 22, 2010


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RIP Christoph Schlingensief,,5932234,00.html
” He also invited people to join an anti-chancellor swim in the then-Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s holiday retreat in Lake Wolfgang in Austria. His aim was to cause the lake to overflow with six million people in it, the number representing Germany’s unemployed at the time.”

I saw only one film of his: WHAT HAPPENED TO MAGDALENA JUNG? (1983). It is one of my most favorite films I saw in 2006.

Filmsick wrote about THE GERMAN CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1991, Christoph Schlingensief) in Thai here:



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Doc Fest has announced its schedule. You can see the schedule in the poster below.

Films shown in this festival include: MODERN LIFE (2008, Raymond Depardon, A++++++++++), AMAZING THAILAND (1998, Soraya Nakhasuwan + Panuttha Yusuksawas, A++++++++++), THE RENOVATION OF THE TEMPLE (2010, Najaree Ratanajiajaroen, A+++++), DHARMA CAMP (2010, Supakit Seksuwan, A+++++), 2003 (2003, Chookiat Sakveerakul, A+++++)

August 21, 2010


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Wachara Gunha, one of my most favorite directors, is interviewed by Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn, Killpid Prodry, Dhan Lhaow, and me last week. You can listen to the interview in Thai here:

August 19, 2010

SCAR (2010, Athawut Boonyuang, A++++++++++)

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1.SCAR (Athawut Boonyuang, 12 min, A++++++++++)
แผลเป็น (อรรถวุฒิ บุญยวง)
This is my comment in Thai on SCAR:

2.BACKSTAGE (Roongroj Pengpunchum, 15 min, documentary, A+++++)
เบื้องหลัง (รุ่งโรจน์ เพ็งพันธุ์ฉ่ำ)

3.THAI CONTEMPORARY POLITICS QUIZ (2010, Scene 22, 8 min, A+++++)
แบบทดสอบวิชาการเมืองไทยร่วมสมัย (ฉาก 22)
This film satirizes many things in Thai politics. I think this film is very original, because I have never seen a film like this before. This film is in the form of a quiz. It presents us about ten questions. Each question has about 4-6 choices of answers. The film never tells us what the right answer is. Therefore, the film can avoid being too didactic. The film doesn’t tell us straightforwardly what the directors think, so I don’t feel the film tries to influence the audience too much or tries to judge things for us.

I can’t remember the details in this film now, but I will try to give a rough example of the questions I like in this film:

3.1 Ann is a beautiful girl who has many male friends. Her friends like to participate in political rallies. Ann decides to participate in it, too. Ann participates in political rallies, because:

3.1.1 Ann is beautiful.
3.1.2 Ann can’t say no to her friends.

There is no choice for “Ann is interested in politics.” or “Ann wants to express her political opinions.”

3.2 If Ann has a problem, who should she consult with?

3.2.1 Tankun Jittissara
3.2.2 Pongpat Wachirabanjong
3.2.3 Maythee Amornwuthikul
3.2.4 Arisamun Pongruengrong

4.PU-THAI (Weerasak Suyala, 9 min, A+++++)
ปู-ไทย (วีระศักดิ์ สุยะลา)
This film is English-speaking!!!!! Weerasak still excels at making funny films like no one else.

5.THE RENOVATION OF THE TEMPLE (Najaree Ratanajiajaroen, documentary, 42 min, A+++++)
บูรณะ (ณจรี รัตนเจียเจริญ)

6.PUSUMRA (Wachara Gunha, 22 min, A+++++)
ผู้ชำระล้าง (วชร กัณหา)
Every image in this sci-fi film is very beautiful in my point of view, especially the fighting scene in which the snow is falling or something like that. The story in this film, which concerns the emerging of a hero, may not be as interesting as the images. But Wachara told me that he made this film for his little brother who likes watching Ultraman-like Japanese TV series. That explains why PUSUMRA is not as surreal as or as weird as his other films.

The title of this film in Thai (POO CHUM RA LANG) can be literally translated as THE CLEANER or THE WASHER or THE CLEARER or THE PURIFIER or something like that. But Wachara asked his mother to give this film an English title, so she named it PUSUMRA. I like this English title very much. It sounds beautiful and is unique. The film’s title would not be as interesting as this if it was callled THE CLEANER.

I would like to screen PUSUMRA with other Thai sci-fi films such as REVERSE (2007, Chaloemkiat Saeyong + Prajak Kadeetham + Ekapol Boonwat, 10 min) and MAY-KYN: THE DAMN REAL NICE GUY (2009, Palakorn Kleungfak, 12 min).

7.THE ILLUDED MOON (Chaisiri Jiwarangsan, 11 min, A+++++)
พระจันทร์ (ชัยศิริ จิวะรังสรรค์)
I think the image and the story in this film captivate me much more than PURE (Chaisiri Jiwarangsan). The image in this film comes from an eye operation, like the film SURREAL RANDOM MMS TEXTS FOR A MOTHER, A SISTER AND A WIFE WHO LONGS FOR YOU: LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES (2008, Christopher Gozum, Phililppines, A+++++). It can make you feel as uneasy as the eye-slicing scene in UN CHIEN ANDALOU. But you know that what you see in this film is real, not created by special effects. I love the image in this film. It may look bloody, but it is just a fact of life. This film is also relevant to me personally. I always have eye problems, so I think watching an eye operation in this film may help me prepare for what I may have to experience in the future.

The story told in this film is a bit surreal. If I remember it correctly, the videographer of this film is Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The sound effects of this film are done by Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook.

8.WAKE ME UP WHEN BLOODY MAY ENDS (Viroj Suttisima, 15 min, A+++++)
พฤษภาคม, 2010 (วิโรจน์ สุทธิสีมา)
I like the way Viroj created this film very much. He uses found footages of a meeting, a group of friends playing game, and some resorts to help narrating a new story. Images of an amicable meeting or seminar are turned into a meeting of some political groups. A funny game-playing is turned into a political metaphor. Images of some resorts are coupled with evil, revengeful thoughts.

9.DRY FISH DAY DREAM (Arpapun Plungsirisoontorn, 6 min, A+++++)
ฝันตากแห้งของปลากลางแดด (อาภาพรรณ ปลั่งสิริสุนทร)
This film presents us with only one scene or one moving-image: the image of the grilling of some fish. It also tells us the thoughts of the fish which want to return to the sea. The sound effect of this film makes us understand that this film is about Thai politics.

The sad thoughts of the fish in this film make me cry. It means that this film touches my feelings more strongly than Arpapun’s other films, which seem to affect my brain more than my sentimental feelings.

10.PLACE TO BE (2009, Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa, 5 min, A+++++)
บ้าน (วิวัฒน์ เลิศวิวัฒน์วงศา)
You can watch this film here:
However, I think the power of this atmospheric film increases exponentially when it is viewed on the big screen.

11,APPEARANCE (Siwawut Paireepinas, 25 min, A+)
เปลือก (ศิวาวุธ ไพรีพินาศ)

12.BUSSABA (Katon Thammavijitdej + Chonlasit Upanigkit + Graisit Garnpariyasoontorn + Parkpoom Choakumnuaysook + Purikorn Pakdeejaroen, 29 min, A+)
บุษบา (กตัณณ์ ธรรมวิจิตเดช, ชลสิทธิ์ อุปนิกขิต, ไกรสิทธิ กานต์ปริยสุนทร, ภาคภูมิ โชคอำนวยสุข, ภูริกร ภักดีเจริญ)
This murder-mystery film has a very interesting plot. But I wonder about the motive of the murder planner. Is he gay? Did he plan the murder because he doesn’t like that his friends have got some girlfriends?

13.WHERE CAN I FIND SERIPAP? (Pass Patthanakumjon, 29 min, A+)
ผมจะหาเสรีภาพได้ที่ไหน? (ภาส พัฒนกำจร)

14.PLASTER (Teerachoat Jiworasetkul, 12 min, A+)
พลาสเตอร์ (ธีรโชติ จิวรเศรษฐ์กุล)

15.HITCHPACKER (Sutham Jeerasin, 12 min, documentary, A+)
โบกรถแบกเป้เที่ยว (สุธรรม จีระศิลป์)

16.POSSIBLE…? (Apisit Suetrakoolwong, 11 min, A+)
เป็นไปได้ไง (อภิสิทธิ์ ซื่อตระกูลวงศ์)

17.ONE SIDE LOVER (Panit Pimroon, 11 min, A+)
ผู้รักข้างเดียว (พนิต พิมพ์หรุ่น)

18.TOMORROW (Sutheenunt Permpoonsuntisook, 17 min, A+)
พรุ่งนี้ไม่สำคัญ (สุธีนันท์ เพิ่มพูนขันติสุข)

19.THREE BLESSES (Thanapat Srisook, animation, 4 min, A+/A)
พร 3 ประการ (ธนพัฒน์ ศรีสุข)

20.THREE BLESSES (Gun Sangkaew, 4 min, A+/A)
พร 3 ประการ (กันต์ แสงแก้ว)

21.DAD: DIRECTOR’S CUT (Gun Sangkaew, 10 min, A/A-)
พ่อ ฉบับผู้กำกับ (กันต์ แสงแก้ว)

22.I’M 20 (Setthanun Choatchuangsup, 5 min, A-)
ผมอายุ 20 (เศรษฐนันต์ โชติช่วงทรัพย์)

23.THE FAKE MERIT (Roongroj Kalayapongwanich, 13 min, A-)
บุญสีเทา (รุ่งโรจน์ กัลยาพงศ์วณิช)

24.DESTINY’S PLAY (Nattavut Norasetsrisuk, 13 min, possibly A-)
บู้ไม่หวั่นโชคชะตา (ณัฐวุฒิ นรเสธศรีสุข)
I didn’t see the first few minutes of this film.

25.FOR…? (Pats Teerarutsakul, 14 min, A-)
ปีศาจสามตาฟันผุ กับยาสีฟันเหงารัก (ปัถษ์ ธีระรัตน์สกุล)

26.WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SIR? (Phumrapee Tang, 3 min, A-)
ผู้ใหญ่ครับทำอะไรกันคราบบบ (ภูมิรพี แซ่ตั้ง)

27.THE HISTORY ABOUT THE FALL OF RAWEE COUNTRY (2010, Pongpun Yunchevit, 8 min, A-)
ประวัติศาสตร์ว่าด้วยการล่มสลายของประเทศระวี (พงษ์พันธ์ ยืนชีวิต)

28.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MIRACLE (Teppatat Kumgaew, 15 min, A-/B+)
ปาฏิหาริย์ไม่มีจริง (เทพทัตถ์ คำแก้ว)

29.THIS PROGRAM: REVENGEFUL GHOST (Gun Sangkaew, 12 min, B+)
โปรแกรมนี้ ผีอาฆาต (กันต์ แสงแก้ว)

30.THE BLESSING OF GOD (Napat Tangsanga, 8 min, B+)
พรวิเศษ (ณภัทร ตั้งสง่า)

31.POPSHOT@THEGANG: MUSEUMSIAM (Saowachai Riabsumrej, documentary, 12 min, B+)
POPSHOT@THEGANG: MUSEUMSIAM (เสาวชัย เรียบสำเร็จ)

32.TOMORROW NEVER COME (Chanin Hanjaroen, 5 min, B+)
พรุ่งนี้ยังไม่เคยมาถึง (ชนินทร์ หาญเจริญ)
Chanin also directed CONFRONT WITH THE TRUTH (2009, 11 min, A+++++).

33.SCARED (Pattrakrit Namwan + Somporn Inaon, 3 min, B)
ผวา (ภัทรกฤต นามวรรณ, สมพร อินอ่อน)

34.FIRST LOVE (Prachuab Plittapolkarnpim, 18 min, B-)
โปรดจำไว้ว่าฉันรักเธอ (ประจวบ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์)


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GM Magazine, Issue 385, August 2010, publishes a ten-page interview of Apichatpong Weerasethakul. It also publishes a quote from Sonthaya Subyen which I like very much.

Sonthaya said: “Guillermo del Toro, the director of PAN’S LABYRINTH, said, “There’s something intangible in the real world, but our instincts can feel it. The only way we can touch it is by art or religion.” The films of Apichatpong possess the miraculous power of the bliss of gazing. His films enable us to feel something which is beyond the frame of the image, and let us see the purity, the simplicity, and the magic which are integrated into the basic nature. This is because the unique characteristic of cinematic art is not clever dialogues, twisted storytelling, or stylistic show-off by playing with weird images.”

August 18, 2010


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1.AIN’T NO TOMORROWS (2008, Yuki Tanada, Japan, 79 min)

2.ALL THINGS WERE NOW OVERTAKEN BY SILENCE (2010, Nicolás Pereda, Mexico, 62 min)

3.ANDER (2009, Roberto Castón, Spain)

4.THE ARBOR (2010, Clio Bernard, documentary)

5.ARGENTINA AVENIDA (2009, Lucia-Milena Bonse, 84 min)

6.ARMADILLO (2010, Janus Metz, documentary)

7.AT ELLEN’S AGE (2010, Pia Marais, Germany)

8.ATHENS-ISTANBUL (2008, Nikos Panayotopoulos, Greece, 103 min)

9.ATLANTIS (2008, Pieter Geenen)

10.BAD BIOLOGY (2008, Frank Henenlotter, USA, 85 min)

11.BARKING WATER (2009, Sterlin Harjo, USA, 85 min)

12.THE BEAST NOTES (2008, Keja Ho Kramer, France)

13.BEETLE QUEEN CONQUERS TOKYO (2009, Jessica Oreck, USA/Japan)

14.BENA (2009, Niv Klainer, Israel, 84 min)

15.THE BLACKS (2009, Zvonimir Juric + Goran Devic, Croatia, 75 min)

16.THE BLOOD TRAIL (2009, Jerrold Tarog, Philippines)

17.BRIDAL QUARTER (2010, Gutierrez Mangansakan II, Philippines)

18.BURNING PALACE (2008, Mara Mattuschka + Chris Haring, Austria, 32 min)

19.BURROWING (2009, Fredrik Wenzel + Henrik Hellström, Sweden)

20.CENTRO (2010, Sebastián Martínez, Argentina, 90 min)

21.THE CLONE RETURNS TO HOMELAND (2008, Kanji Nakajima, 110 min)

22.CONTACT HIGH (2009, Michael Glawogger, Austria)

23.CONTENT (2010, Christopher Petit, UK, documentary, 76 min)

24.CRAB TRAP (2009, Oscar Ruiz Navia, Colombia, 95 min)

25.CRACKIE (2009, Sherry White, Canada, 94 min)

26.CROSSING THE MOUNTAIN (2010, Yang Rui, China)

27.DANCING DREAMS (2010, Anne Linsel, Germany, documentary, 89 min)

28.THE DARK HARBOUR (2009, Naito Takatsugu, Japan, 99 min)

29.DEAR PRUDENCE (BELLE ÉPINE) (2010, Rebecca Zlotowski, France)

30.DEEP IN THE VALLEY (2009, Atsushi Funahashi, Japan)

31.DEEP IN THE WOODS (2010, Benoît Jacquot, France)

32.DEFIANT BRASILIA (2009, Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil, 85 min)

33.DEVOTES OF THE PRECIPITATE (2010, Julian Semilian, USA-Romania, 36 min)

34.THE DRIFTER (2010, Tatjana Turanskyj, Germany)

35.8 BEHIND THE WHEEL (2009, Trace Burroughs)

36.EIGHTEEN (2009, Jang Kun-jae, South Korea)

37.ELVIS’ LAST SONG (2009, Vasilis Raisis, Greece, 100 min)

38.ERIE (2009, Kevin Jerome Everson, USA, 81 min)

39.THE EXPLODING GIRL (2009, Bradley Rust Gray, USA, 79 min)

40.FACS OF LIFE (2009, Silvia Maglioni + Graeme Thomson, 115 min)

41.A FAINT TREMBLING OF THE LANDSCAPE (2008, Philippe Fernandez, France)

42.FISH EYES (2009, Zheng Wei, Korea/China)

43.40 DAYS (2008, Juan Carlos Martín, Mexico, 101 min)

44.THE FOUR TIMES (2010, Michelangelo Frammartino, Italy, 88 min)

45.FRESH AIR (2006, Ágnes Kocsis, Hungary, 109 min)

46.FROZEN BUTTERFLIES (2009, Mark Lipkin, Australia, 83 min)

47.GIGANTE (2009, Adrián Biniez, Uruguay)

48.GLAMOROUS YOUTH (2009, Philip Yung, Hong Kong, 133 min)

49.THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD (2009, Radu Jude, Romania)

50.HELSINKI, FOREVER (2009, Peter von Bagh, Finland)

51.HIGH RISE (UM LUGAR AO SOL) (2009, Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil, documentary, 71 min)

52.HUMAN FAILURE (2008, Michael Verhoeven, Germany, documentary, 91 min)

53.I AM A CAT STALKER (2009, Takuji Suzuki, Japan)

54.THE IDIOT (2008, Pierre Léon, France, 61 min)

55.THE IMAGE INSIDE (2009, Wolfgang Scholz, Germany, documentary, 53 min)

56.IMPOLEX (2009, Alex Ross Perry, USA, 73 min)

57.INTER VIEW (2010, Makino Takashi, 25 min)

58.ISKA’S JOURNEY (2007, Csaba Bollók, Hungary, 92 min)

59.I TRAVEL BECAUSE I HAVE TO, I COME BACK BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (2009, Karim Ainouz + Marcelo Gomes, Brazil, 75 min)

60.JOURNEY TO THE MOON (2009, Kutlug Ataman, Turkey)

61.KAIFECK MURDER (2009, Esther Gronenborn, Germany, 86 min)

62.KAWASE SAN (2009, Christian Leighton, Chile, documentary, 77 min)

63.LOS LABIOS (2010, Iván Fund + Santiago Loza, Argentina, 100 min)

64.LAND OF SCARECROWS (2008, Roh Gyeong-tae, South Korea, 90 min)

65.THE LAST CIRCUS (2010, Álex de la Iglesia, Spain)

66.A LIGHT IN THE FOG (2009, Panahbarkhoda Rezaee, Iran)

67.LIFE AFTER THE FALL (2008, Kasim Abid, Iraq, documentary, 155 min)

68.LOWLANDS (2009, Peter Thompson, USA)

69.LOW LIGHTS (2009, Ignas Miskinis, Lithuania, 92 min)

70.LULU AND JIMI (2009, Oskar Roehler, Germany, 94 min)

71.LUPANG HINARANG (2009, Ditso Carolino, Philippines)

72.MANIQUERVILLE (2009, Pierre Creton, France, 84 min)

73.THE MAN’S WOMAN AND OTHER STORIES (2009, Amit Dutta, India)

74.LOS MATERIALES (2009, Los Hijos, Spain, documentary, 67 min)

75.MEMBERS OF THE FUNERAL (2008, Baek Seung-bin, South Korea, 98 min)

76.MEN ON THE BRIDGE (2009, Asli Özge, Turkey)

77.MISSING PERSON (2009, Seo Lee, South Korea, 95 min)

78.MOTHERS (2010, Milcho Manchevski, Macedonia)

79.NAHIED=VENUS (2008, Parisa Yousef Doust, Netherlands, documentary, 39 min)

80.NAVIDAD (2009, Sebastián Campos, Chile)

81.N’AVONS-NOUS PAS TOUJOURS ÉTÉ BIENVEILLANTS? (RECUEIL) (WE HAVE NOT ALWAYS BEEN BENEVOLENT: SERIES) (2010, Pierre Creton + Vincent Barré, France, documentary, 117 min)

82.OLD PARTNER (2008, Lee Chung-ryoul, South Korea, documentary, 78 min)

83.1 (2009, Peter Sparrow, Hungary)

84.108 (2010, Renate Costa, Spain/Paraguay)

85.ORAL HISTORY (2009, Volko Kamensky, Germany, 22 min)

86.THE OTHER ONE (2008, Patrick-Mario Bernard + Pierre Trividic, France, 97 min)

87.OUT OF LOVE (2009, Birgitte Stærmose, Denmark, 29 min)

88.PEACE WITH SEALS (2007, Miroslav Novak, Czech, documentary, 87 min)

89.THE PHILOSOPHER KINGS (2009, Patrick Shen, documentary, USA)

90.PINK HALO-HALO (2010, Joselito Altarejos, Philippines)

91.POSTCARD TO DADDY (2010, Michael Stock, Germany, documentary, 86 min)

92.PRESENT PARTICIPLE (2009, Shirin Sabashi, Iran/Sweden, 25 min)

93.RUÍNAS (2009, Manuel Mozos, Portugal, documentary, 60 min)

94.SÉRIE NOIRE (2009, Jean-Claude Rousseau, France)

95.THE SICILIAN GIRL (2009, Marco Aventa, Italy)

96.THE SILENCE (2010, Baran bo Odar, Germany, 119 min)

97.SILENT VOICE (2009, Léa Fehner, France)

98.SMALL REVOLTS (2009, Kyriakos Katzourakis, Greece)

99.SOTCHI 255 (2010, Jean-Claude Taki, France, documentary, 115 min)

100.SPECIAL TREATMENT (2010, Jeanne Labrunne, France)

101.STELLA (2008, Sylvie Verheyde, France, 103 min)

102.STINGRAY SAM (2009, Cory McAbee, USA, 61 min)

103.SYMBOL (2009, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Japan)

104.LE TEMPS DES GRÂCES (2009, Dominique Marchais, France, documentary, 123 min)

105.THIEVES BY LAW (2010, Alexander Gentelev, Russia, documentary)

106.THREE MEN AND A FISH POND (2008, Marias Maskalans + Laila Pakalnina, Latvia, documentary, 52 min)

107.T IS FOR TEACHER (2009, Rohan Spong, USA, documentary, 71 min)

108.TODAY AND THE OTHER DAYS (2008, Choi Wee An, South Korea, 102 min)

109.TOGETHER (2009, Nicolás Pereda, Mexico, 73 min)

110.THE TRAVELOGUES (2010, Dustin Thompson, 49 min)

111.THE TRIAL OF ANDRES BONIFACIO (2010, Mario O’Hara, Philippines)

112.TWO GATES OF SLEEP (2010, Alistair Banks Griffin)

113.UNTIL THE NEXT RESURRECTION (2008, Oleg Morozov, Russia, documentary, 90 min)

114.VAN DIEMEN’S LAND (2009, Jonathan auf der Heide, Australia)

115.VILLALOBOS (2009, Romuald Karmakar, Germany, documentary, 110 min)

116.VOX POPULI (2010, Dennis Marasigan, Philippines)

117.WAKE UP SID (2009, Ayan Mukherjee, India, 138 min)

118.WAYS OF THE SEA (2010, Sheron Dayoc, Philippines)

119.WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (2010, Jorge Michel Grau, Mexico)

120.WEST OF PLUTO (2008, Henry Bernadet, Myriam Verreault, Canada)

121.WHAT I LOVE THE MOST (2010, Delfina Castagnino, Argentina, 76 min)

122.WHY I DON’T SPEAK SERBIAN (IN SERBIAN) (2008, Phil Collins)

123.THE WOLBERG FAMILY (2009, Axelle Ropert, France)

124.A WOMAN’S WAY (2009, Panos H. Koutras, Greece)

125.WOMB (2010, Benedek Filegauf, Germany, 107 min)

126.YURI’S DAY (2008, Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia/Germany, 137 min)





August 17, 2010

ON THE DAY THAT RAINCLOUDS STILL FLOAT BY (2010, Pongpun Yunchevit, A++++++++++)

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1.TUKKY, THE PRINCESS WHO SELLS FROG (2010, Pornchai Hongrattanaporn, Thailand, A+/A)
Wise Kwai wrote about this film here:

2.HOT SUMMER DAYS (2010, Tony Chan + Wing Shya, Hong Kong, A-)


1.ON THE DAY THAT RAINCLOUDS STILL FLOAT BY (Pongpun Yunchevit, 28 min, A++++++++++)
ในวันที่เมฆฝนยังคงล่องลอย (พงษ์พันธ์ ยืนชีวิต)
Pongpun also directed CLAIR DE LUNE (แสงจันทร์) (2009, 15 min), but I haven’t seen it.

2.RED LEAF POETRY (Pongpun Yunchevit, 8 min, A+++++)
บทกวีใบไม้แดง (พงษ์พันธ์ ยืนชีวิต)

3.NIRVANA (Siwadol Ratee, 20 min, A+++++)
นิพพาน (ศิวดล ระถี)
This film is very brave. It questions some religious beliefs and asks us if it is right or not that Buddhist ordination is forbidden for disabled men.

4.FOREVER 1.5 (Worathep Tummaoros, 17 min, A+++++)
นิรันดร์ 1.5 (วรเทพ ธรรมโอรส)
I like it very much that this film seems to belong to no genre. While FOREVER (2009, Worathep Tummaoros, 10 min) is a fantasy-period film, this film doesn’t restrict itself to be just a fantasy film. Thus, this second part ends up being even better than the first part. I like it very much that this film talks about some social trends in 2009-2010, including TWILIGHT and Korean girl groups.

5.THE DIARY OF THE JOURNEY (Panja Saithong, 14 min, A+)
บันทึกการเดินทาง (ปัญจะ สายทอง)
Panja made many films this year. I think he’s got some talents. This is my most favorite film of his. I like it very much that this film spans the whole life of a man–childhood, adulthood, oldness. It is touching. I think it is successful in talking about some aspects of life.

6.LAND STORY (Sithipun Purkpun, documentary, 15 min, A+)
นิทานพื้นดิน (สิทธิพันธ์ เผือกพันธ์)
Sithipun Purkpun is a co-director of POSITIVE VIBRATION ยาใจคนจน (2007, 20 min).

7.THE PARALLEL AGE (Thapat Gitrujipark, animation, 4 min, A+)
นาฬิกาตื่น (ฐาปัฐว์ กิจรุจิภาคย์)
This lovely animation is about a stressed adult who learns to appreciate life again after he accidentally meets a playful child. The story of this film seems like a cliché, but somehow this beautiful animation finds a way to tell its story very pleasantly.

8.FIREFLY (Somporn Inaon + Norarit Tangpanichayanont,9 min, possibly A+)
นิทานหิ่งห้อย (สมพร อินอ่อน, นรฤทธิ์ ตั้งพานิชยานนท์)
I didn’t see the first few minutes of this film. Is it about lesbianism?

9.PURE (Chaisiri Jiwarangsan, 7 min, A+/A)
น้ำนิ่ง (ชัยศิริ จิวะรังสรรค์)
Maybe I will like it more if I see it for the second time. I couldn’t attune myself to the wavelength of this film in my first viewing, but one of my friends said that he loves the dark image of the fish in this film very much.

10.NAN (Nutpakal Kemkao, 15 min, A)
น่านนะสิ (ณัฐปคัลภ์ เข็มขาว)

11.INVISIBLE WALL (Phongsakan Sonklin, 7 min, A)
นักศึกษา (พงศกานต์ ซ่อนกลิ่น)
Phongsakan also directed WILD HORSE (2008, 6 min). I think most of his films that I saw share one thing: they usually end earlier than I expect. It seems like many of Phongsakan’s films have only the first act and the second act, but not the third act. Is it his signature?

12.DREAM (Supasit Setprasert, 13 min, possibly A)
ในฝัน (ศุภสิทธิ์ เสร็จประเสริฐ)
I didn’t see the first few minutes of this film. I think Supasit may become a Thai auteur in the future, because two of his films that I saw are very good, and both of them focus on discussion between characters about interesting dilemmas.

13.IN ROOM (Thakornpat Rojanawanich, 10 min, A)
ในห้องนี้ (ฐากรพัชร์ โรจนวานิช)

14.NOODLE RUSH (Surasak Jaipook, animation, 2 min, A-)
บะหมี่ด้วนด่วน (สุรศักดิ์ ใจพุก)

15.CLOCK (Wacharapol Saisongkroh, 4 min, A-)
นาฬิกา (วัชรพล สายสงเคราะห์)
I like the way the classroom scene is presented. It seems real. It seems like it can happen in real life or in everyday life of students. However, I give it only A- just because I don’t normally appreciate didactic films or films with a message like this. I would prefer it if the film only shows two students talking without trying to teach anything to the audience.

16.LYRIC OF THE BLUE (Nat Puntawangkoon, 11 min, B+)
เนื้อเพลงบรรเลงอารมณ์ (ณัฐ ปัณฑวังกูร)

17.LOVE DIARY (Sirijan Sookyartjaroen, 30 min, B)
บันทึกแห่งรัก (ศิริจันทร์ สุขญาติเจริญ)

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