Limitless Cinema in Broken English

August 3, 2010


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My most favorite films in the Marathon Festival 2010

1.FEUNG (Teerani Siangsanoh + Wachara Gunha + Thani Thitiprawat)

2. DARK SLEEP (เพียงหลับใหลในเงามืด) (Teerani Siangsanoh)

1920’s — Luis Buñuel (UN CHIEN ANDALOU)
1930’s – Jean Cocteau (THE BLOOD OF A POET)
1940’s – Maya Deren (MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON)
1960’s – Ingmar Bergman (THE SILENCE)
1970’s – Andrei Tarkovsky (THE MIRROR)
1980’s – Etant Donnes (L’AUTRE RIVE)
1990’s – Fred Kelemen (KALYI – THE AGE OF DARKNESS)
2000’s – Philippe Grandrieux (A LAKE)
2010’s – Teerani Siangsanoh (DARK SLEEP and LAST OF THAILAND)

I don’t mean to say that Teerani is as great as other directors in the list. What I want to say is that I love the mental space or the surreal feelings in the films by these directors very much.

3. RED MOVIE (แกะแดง) (The Underground Office)

Though I felt sad when I knew that there are no new films by Prap Boonpan or Manussak Dokmai shown in the Marathon Festival this year, my sadness is gone when I saw these weird political films: RED MOVIE, “CHAY, GAYVAH-RAR ‘N’ THE MACHUPICCHU” (Chaloemkiat Saeyong), WE WILL FORGET IT AGAIN (Napat Treepalawisetkun), BAD-GOOD 2013 (Viroj Suttisima), and THAI CONTEMPORARY POLITICS QUIZ (Scene 22).

4. 30 (Tossapol Boonsinsukh)

5. REMEMBRANCE (กาลานุสติ) (Sitthiporn Racha)


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