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August 17, 2010

ON THE DAY THAT RAINCLOUDS STILL FLOAT BY (2010, Pongpun Yunchevit, A++++++++++)

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1.TUKKY, THE PRINCESS WHO SELLS FROG (2010, Pornchai Hongrattanaporn, Thailand, A+/A)
Wise Kwai wrote about this film here:

2.HOT SUMMER DAYS (2010, Tony Chan + Wing Shya, Hong Kong, A-)


1.ON THE DAY THAT RAINCLOUDS STILL FLOAT BY (Pongpun Yunchevit, 28 min, A++++++++++)
ในวันที่เมฆฝนยังคงล่องลอย (พงษ์พันธ์ ยืนชีวิต)
Pongpun also directed CLAIR DE LUNE (แสงจันทร์) (2009, 15 min), but I haven’t seen it.

2.RED LEAF POETRY (Pongpun Yunchevit, 8 min, A+++++)
บทกวีใบไม้แดง (พงษ์พันธ์ ยืนชีวิต)

3.NIRVANA (Siwadol Ratee, 20 min, A+++++)
นิพพาน (ศิวดล ระถี)
This film is very brave. It questions some religious beliefs and asks us if it is right or not that Buddhist ordination is forbidden for disabled men.

4.FOREVER 1.5 (Worathep Tummaoros, 17 min, A+++++)
นิรันดร์ 1.5 (วรเทพ ธรรมโอรส)
I like it very much that this film seems to belong to no genre. While FOREVER (2009, Worathep Tummaoros, 10 min) is a fantasy-period film, this film doesn’t restrict itself to be just a fantasy film. Thus, this second part ends up being even better than the first part. I like it very much that this film talks about some social trends in 2009-2010, including TWILIGHT and Korean girl groups.

5.THE DIARY OF THE JOURNEY (Panja Saithong, 14 min, A+)
บันทึกการเดินทาง (ปัญจะ สายทอง)
Panja made many films this year. I think he’s got some talents. This is my most favorite film of his. I like it very much that this film spans the whole life of a man–childhood, adulthood, oldness. It is touching. I think it is successful in talking about some aspects of life.

6.LAND STORY (Sithipun Purkpun, documentary, 15 min, A+)
นิทานพื้นดิน (สิทธิพันธ์ เผือกพันธ์)
Sithipun Purkpun is a co-director of POSITIVE VIBRATION ยาใจคนจน (2007, 20 min).

7.THE PARALLEL AGE (Thapat Gitrujipark, animation, 4 min, A+)
นาฬิกาตื่น (ฐาปัฐว์ กิจรุจิภาคย์)
This lovely animation is about a stressed adult who learns to appreciate life again after he accidentally meets a playful child. The story of this film seems like a cliché, but somehow this beautiful animation finds a way to tell its story very pleasantly.

8.FIREFLY (Somporn Inaon + Norarit Tangpanichayanont,9 min, possibly A+)
นิทานหิ่งห้อย (สมพร อินอ่อน, นรฤทธิ์ ตั้งพานิชยานนท์)
I didn’t see the first few minutes of this film. Is it about lesbianism?

9.PURE (Chaisiri Jiwarangsan, 7 min, A+/A)
น้ำนิ่ง (ชัยศิริ จิวะรังสรรค์)
Maybe I will like it more if I see it for the second time. I couldn’t attune myself to the wavelength of this film in my first viewing, but one of my friends said that he loves the dark image of the fish in this film very much.

10.NAN (Nutpakal Kemkao, 15 min, A)
น่านนะสิ (ณัฐปคัลภ์ เข็มขาว)

11.INVISIBLE WALL (Phongsakan Sonklin, 7 min, A)
นักศึกษา (พงศกานต์ ซ่อนกลิ่น)
Phongsakan also directed WILD HORSE (2008, 6 min). I think most of his films that I saw share one thing: they usually end earlier than I expect. It seems like many of Phongsakan’s films have only the first act and the second act, but not the third act. Is it his signature?

12.DREAM (Supasit Setprasert, 13 min, possibly A)
ในฝัน (ศุภสิทธิ์ เสร็จประเสริฐ)
I didn’t see the first few minutes of this film. I think Supasit may become a Thai auteur in the future, because two of his films that I saw are very good, and both of them focus on discussion between characters about interesting dilemmas.

13.IN ROOM (Thakornpat Rojanawanich, 10 min, A)
ในห้องนี้ (ฐากรพัชร์ โรจนวานิช)

14.NOODLE RUSH (Surasak Jaipook, animation, 2 min, A-)
บะหมี่ด้วนด่วน (สุรศักดิ์ ใจพุก)

15.CLOCK (Wacharapol Saisongkroh, 4 min, A-)
นาฬิกา (วัชรพล สายสงเคราะห์)
I like the way the classroom scene is presented. It seems real. It seems like it can happen in real life or in everyday life of students. However, I give it only A- just because I don’t normally appreciate didactic films or films with a message like this. I would prefer it if the film only shows two students talking without trying to teach anything to the audience.

16.LYRIC OF THE BLUE (Nat Puntawangkoon, 11 min, B+)
เนื้อเพลงบรรเลงอารมณ์ (ณัฐ ปัณฑวังกูร)

17.LOVE DIARY (Sirijan Sookyartjaroen, 30 min, B)
บันทึกแห่งรัก (ศิริจันทร์ สุขญาติเจริญ)

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