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September 6, 2010

PICNIC ON THE BATTLEFIELD (2010, Tianchai Isaradech, A)

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PICNIC ON A BATTLEFIELD (ลาบเลือด เดือนร้อน) (2010, Tianchai Isaradech, A)

This stage play reminds me of some recent Thai political short films, which seem to present ambiguous political point of views. But I give A++++++++++ to the massacre ending of this play.

However, what I like the most is not the ending of this play. It’s the reactions from Bon Kai residents (ชาวชุมชนบ่อนไก่) who watched this stage play. The chief resident decided to give no comment, saying that he had to attend to some business and walked away from the room. A middle-aged woman said that the gunshots in this play remind her of the time during the May crisis, because she and other residents had to live among the real gunshots during that time. She also said that this stage play reminds her that people really think differently, and it would take such a long time before real reconciliation can happen.

She said this with a crying voice. I’m not sure what she means. I’m not sure if she and other Bon Kai residents like this stage play or not. I’m not sure if I really like this stage play or not. But I like it very much that the staff of this stage play invited the residents of Bon Kai to watch it.



  1. At first , when I created this production,I was scared by my normative idea. I felt the play was so obvious and somehow rude. I wished to speak out my words through the action in the play. I need others to talk to. I do wish the play be an artistic space for a frank dialogue between us but few viewer responsed and shared their own decoding message. Thank you for your attention and your precious feedback. We will reconstruct it for BTF festival in November. Hope to meet you then. – Thianchai Isaradej

    Comment by Thianchai Isaradej — September 29, 2010 @ 10:32 pm

  2. I’m glad to hear that PICNIC ON THE BATTLEFIELD will be restaged again. Will there be any changes in the restaged version?

    What I like very much in this play includes:

    1.Its reflection on the important situation which happened several months before. I think it is important that some art works (films, plays, poems, etc.) talk about this issue. This is a very sensitive and controversial issue. I think it takes a brave man like you to talk about it via your work.

    2.The great performance of the leading actress

    3.Its focus on the “the people who built the roads” or the working class.

    4. The red underpants of some characters

    5.Its tragic ending

    However, there are a few things in the play which make me feel ambiguous towards the play, such as:

    1.The presentation of the aid worker as someone who wants disasters so that he can get some benefits from it

    2.The presentation of a journalist as someone who doesn’t like smiling Thai people, but likes to see Thai people fighting each other, so that she can make some news reports

    Comment by celinejulie — September 30, 2010 @ 8:54 pm

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