Limitless Cinema in Broken English

October 17, 2010


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in alphabetical order

1.AMELIA ROSE TOWERS (1992, Jackie Farkas)

2.AT THE ROTUNDA (2005, Peter Alwast)

3.AUSTRALIAN RULES (2002, Paul Goldman)

4.BABE (1995, Chris Noonan)

5.DOGWOMAN: DEAD DOG WALKING (2000, Rowan Woods)

6.EPSILON (1997, Rolf de Heer)

7.HUNT ANGELS (2006, Alec Morgan)

8.INNOCENCE (2000, Paul Cox)

9.IN THE WINTER DARK (1998, James Bogle)

10.KICKFLIPPER: FRAGMENTS EDIT (2000-2003, Shaun Gladwell)

11.KISS OR KILL (1997, Bill Bennett)

12.LINEAGE OF THE DIVINE (2002, Monika Tichacek)

13.LOVE (2003, Tracey Moffatt)

14.MUSPILLI (2004, Stefan Popescu)

15.A NOCTURNE (2007, Bill Mousoulis)

16.OTHER PEOPLE’S DREAMS OF ME (2003, James Lynch)

17.RADIANCE (1998, Rachel Perkins)

18.RETURN TO EDEN (1983, Karen Arthur + Kevin James Dobson)

19.TIME AND MOTION STUDY (2006, John Tonkin)

20.WOLF CREEK(2004, Greg McLean)

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